Dyson DC43 Animal Upright Vacuum

Dyson, you caught my attention with your striking ads and clever taglines.

Then, I had the chance to review the DC 25 Multi Floor {Nov ’09}, the Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan {June ’11, and a real necessity for summer!}, and the Hot bladeless fan heater {Oct ’11}. During this time, my curiosity to the commercials and claims on Dyson products turned into nodding of the head and telling friends and family, ‘It’s true!”

Diagram, dysonDyson does stand out from the rest, and for great reason. Dyson products are uniquely designed, in that brilliant sort of way. So when offered the chance to have another Dyson vacuum model for my home, the Dyson DC43 Animal Upright Vacuum – I was game. In fact, when it arrived I looked at the floors in my house and said, “game on”.

Though I use my DC25 daily and even sometimes 3x a day {kids=mess}, it is a few years old now. Don’t get me wrong, the DC25 hasn’t disappointed and is still going as strong as that first day I took it out of the box, yet I was excited to test the features and the ‘animal’ line of vacummns from Dyson.

But, What makes the Dyson DC43  an animal?

“Dyson DC43 Animal is a Dyson Ball upright vacuum with the latest Radial Root Cyclone technology. It generates the strongest suction power at the cleaner head, to powerfully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from the home. Includes a Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car.”

A close up, dysonPros when compared to the DC25 Multi Floor:
It has a kick-ass new RADIAL cyclone technology, and more watts for even better suckage {they really do suck, don’t ya know}. And the average person can notice the extra power between the two. When vacuuming my kitchen mats with the DC43, I can see the mat being pulled in toward the vacuum. While the mat looks just as clean with both models, you can definitely see the DC43 Animal sucking in with more force. So, those extra 15aw’s of power is a huge difference after all.

The DC43 also has a larger bin, longer cord, as well as a longer scope to reach farther. The longer scope allows me to clean the top stair while the DC43 Animal sits at the bottom of the stairs.

Vacuums, dyson

Plus, the DC43 comes with more tools and accessories to clean your home. Not only can you vacuum your carpet, stairs and hard floors. There is also the option to use the bristle to do upholstered chairs and it has a grooming tool for your pets.

A person holding a dog

Recall the days when you dreaded getting pet hair stuck in all the parts of a vaccumn? I remember my Mom cleaning dog hair out of our old vacuum a couple times a week. As I recall, the arrival of summer was the worst – he’d lose so much hair all over the place. So, why not save a step and just vacuum the dog instead of the entire house!

I have tried and tried to use this attachement on the dog, yet he’s just too scared of it still. He’s never been fond of the vacuum to begin with, and isn’t really cooperative in helping me test it out on him enough to snag a photo. I was able to use the grooming tool on him just once, and with one swipe I was astonished by all the hair that was picked up.

A dog sitting on a tableI will continue to try and use the attachment on him when I am able {just on it’s own, and not attached to the vacuum}. My hope is that he gets used to it but for now he hides under the table – shedding away on the floors.


The DC43 Animal has many of the same great features that I adore in the DC25:
Easy push-button canister release right into the garbage {hooray for no more vacuum bags!}, how it ‘drives’, deep and thorough clean, no changing of filters, and the lightweight and smart design. Yet the DC43 Animal does take a step farther with the great attachments that you’ll actually use. Even if you don’t have a pet, we all know kids come in at a close second. I swear each time they breathe, my carpets get dirty. Especially this time of year when there’s so much dead grass, fresh grass, sand and dirt.


Suggestions on improvement?:
I have to be honest, there are features that I love in the DC25 Multi Floors, which aren’t included in the DC43 Aminal. For instance, there aren’t any designated places on the DC43 Animal, to hook and hold the attachments. So, the many accessories have to be placed in a bag and separately stored. It’s something to get used to and I must admit, a bit of an inconvenience at first. Yet at the same time, how often do you need the pet grooming tool? So it’s a toss up whether I’d want to always carry around the many attachments, which would in turn make the vacuum heavier {hmmm}. Another difference: The way the scope attaches onto the vaccum isn’t like the DC25. Habits die hard and initally I’m thinking I like the old style better. Who knows though, it might grow on me enough to be a preferred version someday. Yet that’s my comparison – those new to the Dyson family won’t even realize the difference.

Dyson and Text

BOTTOM LINE: Dyson reinvented the wheel when they developed their ball technology. I fully admit to occasionally vaccuuming around the toys laying around the floor when I’m doing spot cleans. Think of how many times the usual vacuum would go back and forth {and back and forth} to cover the areas. Dyson vacuums including the DC43 Animal, corners like a dream {AKA, you get the job done faster, who can argue to that?}. So, I appreciate the effortless maneuverability of a Dyson along with the extra power to get that dirty job done.


Dyson has such a great assortment of models to fit any want, for any household. Decide on your own space and needs for cleaning, and there’s a Dyson {or three} for you!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. The feature I like the best is that it removes Pet Hair, I have 3 dogs and its a never ending battle because I can never get all the pet hair outa my rug. I like the fact that there is srong suction

  2. Love the hygienic bin emptying, would be a great feature to have since my daughter & I have asthma & my partner gets severe allergies!

  3. It removed pet hair from upholstery and the car too! I have pet hair everywhere so yes please!

  4. it has a grooming tool for your pets my dog lost his hair it is incredible so this feature will be perfect for me 🙂

  5. I love that this vacuum has an attachment to use on your dog to get all that loose fur off! I have a golden retriever and a boxer and they both shed so much! This is perfect!!!

  6. I love that it comes with a grooming tool! That would be huge for us – my dog leaves hair everywhere and brushing helps, but it’s not perfect.

  7. I have been dreaming about this product from the moment the first one was advertised on cable. But being from the Caribbean it is not something you can get without having to lose a limb to pay for one. It is a great give away and will probably try to get my hands on one sooner than later.

  8. No vacuum bags, that has always been my favourite thing about Dyson’s – plus their suction!

  9. i love the size, the attachments, and the suction to get the tough to get stuff, which is necessary for cleaning my grandma’s house while she’s in the nursing home. now THAT’s a tough job!

  10. I love the attachment to get the loose hair from your pets. Get it before it gets everywhere – I wonder if the dogs will stay still to be vacuumed. 🙂

  11. I love that it has a ball to help with pivoting through corners. Makes its move ability much easier!

  12. I love the fact that this “animal” works well on carpet, equally well on bare floors AND cleans upholstery, too!

  13. My favourite feature has to be that the base plate automatically self adjusts for the best contact with all floor types, which means my hardwood floors will be just as clean as my carpeted. I have a vacuum (brand name not needed) that boasted about it’s ability to do wonders on hardwood and let me tell you it has failed miserably from day one lol!

  14. I’ve had the chance to use a Dyson and they really do feel so much easier to drive! Would love to win this.

  15. I would love it for the Dyson groom tool
    Self cleans. Mess free vacuum assisted dog grooming. Like you said about the kids – but its my dogs that seem to breathe dirt. We have a black lab and and chocolate lab (Clifford the big red dog) Clifford is big and loses at a puppy’s worth of hair a day and his big feet track in all the mud he loves to run through. We also have a long haired fluffy Calico cat and wow she just leaves a fluff trail wherever she goes. I would love, love, love to win this.

  16. mother of Stephanie Shier Who has 2 cats 1 dog 2 kids 1 husband 1 mother all in the same house

  17. I love that it has Radial Root Cyclone™ technology which helps it get the strongest suction to remove dust, dirt and pet hair. I also love the fact that it doesn’t have any bags that need to be purchased or removed.

  18. Like that it generates the strongest suction power at the cleaner head, to powerfully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from the home.

  19. I like the Easy push-button canister release, nothing worse than changing messy vacuum bags, and I love that it traps allergens, we have such bad allergies anything like that helps. and the ball technology is great, easy to maneuver. I love everything about these vacumms i have been wanting one for soo long, fingers sooo crossed on this

  20. I love the Mini turbine head feature that will “clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car”.

  21. We have one of the old huge Dyson animal vacs, and we love it (especially since I have asthma and we have 2 littles and 3 cats) but it has definitely seen better days and an upgrade would be awesome! I love almost everything about Dysons!

  22. Just one feature? Well, I love that it’s Certified asthma and allergy friendly™, and that it’s easy to clean (without touching the dirt)!!! We have lots of allergies, so those things are HUGE in our house!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Tammi!

    ~ Raylene

  23. I love the Articulating hard floor tool. I have a mixture of carpets and hard floors and my current vacuum only tosses dirt around on the hard floors.

  24. 2 cats, 6 rats, one 10 year old. I love the ball and how easy it seems to maneuver. I have fibromyalgia and vacuuming is the worst chore for me. I think a Dyson would be an awesome help in my house

  25. My favourite feature is that I do not have to change the filter…which can be yucky with 2 dogs.

  26. Love the Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car.

  27. Love that it has a mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car.

  28. I have 2 cats so I need a vacuum with power to get the cat hairs off the furniture and the Dyson DC43 Animal Upright Vacuum has the power I need.

  29. Yes!! Finally a vacuum for pet lovers! That is why I’d love this, I have rescues, and my own cats and dogs, this is perfect!!

  30. I have back problems, and vacuuming kills me! I LOVE that this vacuum is light and that you can reach the stairs without having to balance it on the stairs next to you (which is really pretty dangerous)!

  31. I like all the attachments and that it picks up pet hair easily…definitely sounds like it works well…I want it! 🙂

  32. Well to start off dyson already a great product and it has everything I want that going to pick up cat hair I love it wow what a great prize

  33. cool give away thank you! picks up dog hair sounds great, plus i have a baby that loves her puppy 🙂 We would really love this

  34. With a dog, 8 cats and a chinchilla – anything that picks up hair is a good thing!

  35. The feature I like the idea of best is that it is designed to remove pet hair. We have 2 dogs and a cat and could really use this!

  36. I would LOVE a new vacuum everyone in my family has allergies so this would be perfect!!!! Hope I win.

  37. 6 kids,2 dogs, 4 cats and a farm…and with all that dirt and fur the huge bagless cup would be fantastic!

  38. I love:

    It generates the strongest suction power at the cleaner head, to powerfully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from the home.

  39. my favorite thing is that it would provide a better clean! no more fur, dust….

  40. I love that it has a mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car!!

  41. The suction, I’ve boughten so many vacuums its embarrassing, I truly need a vacuum that can get ALL the dirt out of my carpet and couch. I really need this vacuum if I dont win it I’m saving to buy it seriously!!

  42. I have a 6-year-old original Dyson that still cleans like a dream. I have 5 kids and pets, so that is a LOT of vacuuming. I’ve never had any other vacuum last longer than 2 years, no matter how much Consumer Reports loved it. But I would love the features of the ball!

  43. I like that it has the Articulating hard floor tool. We have both carpet and hardwood and this would be great for cleaning the hardwood.

  44. I love that it works because the one that we have now doesnt and with four kids we would love to win this!

  45. I love the Mini Turbine Head, my current vaccuum’s tool is completely useless, and I have a hard time getting the cat hair out of the couch upholstery.

  46. My favourite feature of the DC43 Animal vacuum is that the base plate automatically self-adjusts for optimal contact with all floor types. Some of my rooms have rugs but some are hardwood and my ancient vacuum that I own now, I need to manually adjust it as I go from room to room. I also love the Radial Root Cyclone™ technology because it offers great suction to pick up just about anything. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  47. I love the instant high reach wand feature, nothing more annoying they lugging a heavy vacuum up the stairs to clean them!

  48. My vaccume cleaner is a dud, I wont say what brand it is but it came from a major department store. I would be soooooooo happy to get a new vaccume.

  49. HEPA filters and motorized brush heads for powerful allergen removal and pet hair pick-up. Having a large dog and a child with really, really long hair means vacuuming normally clogs up the brush.

  50. Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car.” Will probably be my favourite feature! I loose a lot of hair (I don’t have an animal but I count myself as one haha!!) Although in my old car the previous owner had a dog and there are still lots of dog hair so maybe I can get it out with this Dyson!!

  51. I love the strong suction (anyone with pets knows how hard it can be to get that pet hair sucked up!) and that it captures allergens.

  52. I love that it has a grooming tool for pets – my dog has so much hair and sheds alot.

  53. Love it, so modern and picks up so well. Only god knows how bad I need it my daughter has thrown 2 bottles of powder on a brown carpet so you can imagine how it looks like. Hope I win!!!

  54. I love how easy it is not only to empty the collection cup, but how hygenic it is!

  55. I used my in-laws Dyson and couldn’t believe the ease of vacuuming! Would love to win one for my household!

  56. My Dyson is about 10 yrs old, the basic yellow one, I NEED aan animal vacuum! Best vacuum ever!

  57. I think the feature I love most is the ball technology – I’ve never tried it before.

  58. Wow this would be awesome! I love it all but if I just had to choose one feature it would have to that it Self-adjusts for floors and carpets!!

  59. I’ve always dreamed of owning a Dyson. If I have to only pick one feature, it would have be the strong suction. The mini turbine head is a great feature too though. Really, for me, all the features combined make for one very appealing vacuum.

  60. I have always wanted a Dyson!!! Love that it’s bagless and has all that suction.

  61. the super strong cyclone suction, i have 4 cats and 2 dogs !! Just think what i could suck up with that.

  62. Love the ball! My current vacuum is so heavy and akward to move around. Thanks!

  63. I like the fact that it is lightweight and easy to lift with my injured shoulder.

  64. The strongest suction at the cleaner head – that’s what we are missing in our current vacuum cleaner.

  65. My favorite feature is the attachments, I have horrible allergies to my pets but I love them. This would be awesome!

  66. what a way to bring happiness 🙂 to win the best vacuum ! and to brighten this new moms tough days and make it easier 🙂

  67. I honestly love the Dyson Ball technology… I hate vacuuming, mostly because I hate the way you need to lug the vacuum around… I love how Dyson’s move so smoothly! That is SO important to me, haha.

  68. I like the mini turbine head to get in those places that are hard to reach. pet fur always ends up in the corners

  69. I have both a cat and a dog that both shed a lot! A dyson vacuum would be wonderful to help my shedding dog be a nice pet and not a make work project!

  70. I love that it picks up everything! I have a boxer and it is very hard to find a sweeper that will pick up the fine, short hair!

  71. Hmmm, lets see… That is has super suction (put the budgie and hamster in their cages before vacuuming), is lightweight and that there are no bags!


  73. i have so many pets i like the pet brush idea the best, and my animals do not mind the vacuum in fact they gravitate to it lol

  74. You had me at Dyson!! that’s probably my favourite feature. I don’t have a pet but I have 3 boys… it’s about the same! I need something to seriously suck up the dirt they bring inside!

  75. I would love to use this new dyson on my dogs, the beagle though small, is one big fur ball.

  76. I love the Easy push-button canister release

  77. I like the easy push button canister release as I have problems with my hands..

  78. I love Dyson vaccuums, they are the most powerful vaccuums you can get! I want one so bad!

  79. What i like about the Dyson is the Hygienic bin emptying and that it is light weight.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  80. I love the Mini Turbine Head which cleans pet hair and dirt from tight spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car.

  81. I love everything about Dysons but with this one I love the larger bin! You had me sold when you mentioned the longer cord too. 😉

  82. I think the mini turbine is a fabulous idea!! I could sooooo use it….My dog sheds A LOT 365 days a year….Love him, could use with a little less dustballs and lint everywhere!

  83. Always wanted to get one…now may have the chance to win one !! whoo hooo !!! :))

  84. With a 10 month old and another one on the way, and a beloved Lab this is exactly what we need! Love that its bagless and designed to grab ALL the dog hair.

  85. My kids and I are all huge animal lovers, as a matter of fact, we do a lot of animal rescue. We also have a cat and budgie birds. I have problems with pet allergies and I have to take medication to help it. My son has asthma and the pet hair (and feathers from the birds) irritate his asthma. I love that the Dyson DC43 is certified asthma and allergy friendly™ by the Asthma Society of Canada. This vacuum would help us immensely with our allergy and asthma problems!

  86. I like that you can vacuum your upholstery with it. It always seems like there is more dog hair on our furniture than on the floor!
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  87. I love that it Captures allergens and expels clean air. I also love that it has a strong enough suction to actually pick up the dog hair- which can be TOUGH to get!

  88. I would kill for that pet attachment! Well….I may squash a bug or two but I really like it.

  89. Love the articulating hard wood floor tool and how it’s designed to get into tight spaces. I live in a condo with hardwood floors and a wool shag rug that sheds like a pet – this attachment sounds ideal!

  90. I love the suction on these and how it deep cleans. With 5 cats, this is something I could use!!

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  92. A feature I like is that it’s light weight. Its hard to carry the vacuum up and down the stairs when it weighs a ton so light weight is a huge plus.

  93. I love the upholstery attachment because I have chocolate brown couches and a white cat!

  94. I’ve always been in love with the dyson! With being a multiple pet home, having a vacuum clean it all up is a MUST.

  95. My old vacuum has almost given up the ghost so I’d love a new one and a Dyson would be fabulous!!

  96. I love the idea of having a more powerful vaccuum cleaner – and I love the idea of being able to vaccuum my dog directly!

  97. I have spent the last couple of years lugging around a heavy and big tank of a vacuum, I love that this is lighter, smaller yet doesn’t compromise the powerful suction power.
    I also like the attachments as well.
    Looks like a legit vac!

  98. no filters – my old vacuum’s ones were discontinued
    and that it’s a Dyson (I’ve heard they are amazing)

  99. I love that it has a grooming attachment and can be used on floors other then just carpet. I think those are the two features that excite me most! And I love how when you empty the canister you don’t need to touch any dirt, just press the lever and voila its gone 🙂

  100. I love that they claim it picks up ALL fur. I will be sincerely shocked if it actually does. I’d LOVE to win it and try it out though! Definitely! And I hear Dyson’s are famous for being really light and easy to carry around, which would be awesome, too! 🙂

  101. It really helps with animal hair/dander. I need that in my house, we have lots of furry family members.

  102. The mini turbine head attachment,8 furbabies and fur gets into the hardest to reach areas.

  103. I love that it has the Dyson Ball Techonology. I tried the smaller ball vacuum they have at my dds and really liked it, so I’d like this one.

  104. My daughter and I have severe allergies and Dyson works wonders to remove allergens.

  105. I liked that it includes a Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car.

  106. Its that ball wheel system my current vacuum just uses two wheels and its very awkward to maneuver.

  107. I love that it as The strongest suction at the cleaner head. I thought my vacuum was good until I realized all the cat hair being left behind:( Would love to win this!

  108. The feature I love most about the DC43 Animal is it’s certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma Society of Canada.


  110. I LOVE the pet attachment. As the owner of 2 golden retrievers I can attest to how frustrating pet hair can be. We also have a toddler who is crawling on the ground so we’re now vacuuming 3 times a week. I would love to have this to help!

  111. I love that it can handle pet hair. We have two cats and I think I could knit a third with what they shed!

  112. This Dyson vacuum looks amazing. With 2 white haired cats in the house I could sure use this.

  113. I love that the suction is so powerful it removes dust and pet hair..love the hygienic emptying bin, don’t have to touch it and of course the Dyson swivel ball is the bomb..

  114. I love the ease of manoeuvering and the fact that it’s recommended for allergy sufferers.

  115. In one word – SUCTION!!!! What person wouldn’t want a vacuum that has a lot of suction to help with cleaning.

  116. I love that the Dyson DC43 Animal has a mini turbine head to clean upholstery, stairs and car!!! Love it!!

  117. I love that it corners so easily! Anything that makes vacuuming easier and faster is good for me!

  118. I love the great design, ball for easy movement and great suction power that Dyson vacuums have. =)

  119. I like that it can handle dog hair, as i have a very furry cat that sheds everywhere

  120. I love the mini turbine head, it would be awesome for getting under the couch cushionls

  121. I love that it traps allergens! I’m so allergic and have a carpet and no vacuum with a beater bar! This thing would SAVE me… 🙂

  122. I love the fact that Dyson vacuums are known for no loss of suction which is a definite must to pick up all that dog hair.

  123. I love that it Captures allergens. This would be great since I have three cats and a dog:)

  124. The grooming tool. I’m hoping it works on humans too – I shed about as much as a golden retriever does 🙂

  125. I love this feature of the animal, that it generates the strongest suction power at the cleaner head.

  126. I love that it removes allergens dirt and hair without losing suction! I have two cats and this would come in really handy!

  127. I love how it is pet hair friendly. I have 2 cats and there is hair everywhere …. this would be great !

  128. my favourite feature (other than that it is a DYSON and that it would WORK) is that it is certified asthma & allergy friendly! All 3 of my kids and myself are asthmatic so that would be amazing!

  129. With three cats in this apartment, I could really use a good vacuum. My fingers and toes are firmly crossed!

  130. My favorite feature is the mini turbine head. Thanks for the incredible giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  131. 2 cats (one all black and the other black and white) + white carpet =( Not fun trying to vacuum up with the vacuum we have now! I love that the Animal has STRONG SUCTION and will be able to pick up the pet hair easily!!!!

  132. I like the ball, and the turbo suckage. Seems like any vacuum we get loses it’s sucking appeal after about a year. We have even taken it apart and cleaned it all, but it doesn’t last long. I have very long hair, which I shed on a regular basis (I believe I really am worse then a pet) and two children who thoroughly enjoy eating constantly (and never at the table) leaving a trail of crumbs on the floor, even after I sweep and vacuum. Makes me crazy, so I vacuum at least once a day. So a super awesome vacuum would rock!

  133. Two dogs,one cat and a guinea pig explains everything!lol,and i love the fact that it is good for all types of floors

  134. We inherited an extra cat from our daughter, so we now have two cat’s and one dog in the house. It makes for a lot of fur in the carpets and I think the only vaccuum on the market that can handle this would be the dyson! Everyone that I know that has one, loves them!

  135. It is definitely the ball that allows you to easily get in small areas. Great for picking up the three feet of crumbs under the table after every meal my kids eat!!

  136. I love dyson, and would love to win this before we go shopping for a pet for the kids. They want 2 cats and a dog so far…..

  137. The feature that I love is the ability to remove allergens. My allergy symptoms would love a Dyson 🙂

  138. this would be AMAZING taking it I have pets and I have a 6 month old about to start crawling!!!

  139. I like —> Includes a Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car. <— AWESOME!!!!

  140. I think the mini turbine head would be great to clean the car. Would love to try it!

  141. I like that it is engendered to get pet hair and ground in dirt. I can tell that’s what this house needs.

  142. I have been borrowing my friend’s vacuum…mine broke down…she mentioned today that she needs it back so I am really hoping…

  143. Radial Root Cyclone™ technology which helps it get the strongest suction to remove dust, dirt and pet hair

  144. I love that it picks up pet hair so well
    while cleaning allergens and expelling cleaner air.

  145. I have three small floor dusters but they just don;t compare to the Dyson animal! My sister has one and I keep borrowing hers and forgetting to give it back. It picks up the fur balls under the furniture and gets the carpet super clean! Three small dogs, lots of fur. Having a Dyson Animal Priceless!

  146. The grooming tool sounds great! I’d love to be able to get rid of some of the cat hair before it leaves the cat!

  147. Dyson’s reputation alone – Vacuums that STAND UP to any kind of grime. Pet fur is hard to conquer, lurk in corners, under beds – EVERYWHERE. Having a son that is borderline Ashmatic this vacuum could help eliminate the allergens that he can contract.

  148. because of the hair/fur of our cat and dog, our current vaccuum CONSTANTLY loses suction and becomes quite useless.

  149. Sounds like the vacuum we truly need. We have two white cats. Their hair is everywhere. No matter how much we vacuum, that hair is everywhere. Our vacuum is just not doing the proper job. Would love to win this. Thanks for a great prize and contest.

  150. I think i would love the Dyson Ball™ technology the most. Vacuums can be so hard to push around, and this looks easy and lightweight to move around.

  151. Winning a Dyson would be as exciting as winning a car….have a persian cat so really need this!

  152. Having no vacuum bags to replace would be awesome. Mine just broke so i could really use this lol!

  153. Wow, I have 3 pugs, I really could use this amazing machine, to deal with the doggy hair !!

  154. I love the idea of the easy push-button canister that would release right into the garbage!

  155. I live in a house filled with allergens and allergic people. We’d love to have a bagless vac that actually SUCKS, not just sucks. Because the one we have now definitely sucks without suction. If you catch my drift. 😉

  156. Love the pet attachment. Would be great for all the cat hair that accumulates in the couch that a regular vacuum just doesn’t seem to be able to cope with.

  157. One of my sons is allergic to dogs, another to cats, so picking up the hair with greater suction is great feature.

  158. I like the Hygienic bin emptying on the animal. It looks a lot easier than struggling with replacement bags.

  159. The suction, my youngest loves sparkles and my older beads, yep something with good pick up needed!

  160. I like the power of the turbine Head. You need a strong suction to get the fur out of furniture.

  161. I’m loving the feature of the longer cord so the animal can sit at the bottom of the stairs while I vacuum the top stair!! Dog hair is everywhere in this house and powerful suction sounds good!

  162. The push button canister release caught my attention. I hate emptying, canister or bag!

  163. Mini turbine head because our sassy cat’s fur never comes up w our vaccum!

  164. Love the pet grooming tool, especially this time of the year when they are shedding so bad!

  165. I actually think the pet attachment is kinda cool- I have vaccuumed our dog GUILTY LOL
    jastokes02 at yahoo dot com

  166. I just love that you can actually see what you’re picking up and know that things are getting clean! I have a sister who has one and she loves it! Would love to have one of my own. 🙂

  167. Allergen and Ashthma friendly!!! I have fairly severe asthma and two kids who’ve been around too many scary attacks. Maybe this vacuum could be a big part of the puzzle in controlling it a little better!

  168. I like the longer cord and the extra attachments! My dogs will never let me use the dog fur attachment though, lol!

  169. Love the strong suction, we have a long hair cat and just moved into a house with carpets

  170. I love that it`s Certified asthma and allergy friendly™, and I love the powerful suction of the dyson vacuums.

  171. So, is this a give-away for Canadian’s only? I’m about to marry a Canadian, and would love to have a new vacuum for our house. I love how well Dyson picks up all the dirt!

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