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Disney’s Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue flies into stores on September 21st. My daughter has been hearing all about my recent trip to California for the Disney Blogger Event, where I learned all about the making of this new Disney movie.

And, just a few days ago she got to watch Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue for herself, for the first time. She was completely enthralled with the movie, not taking her eyes off it once. In fact, you may have caught my photo tweets of her watching the movie that day. She didn’t even notice me taking photos of her, she was that into the movie.

When I asked Isabelle who her favorite Fairy was, she of course said Tinker Bell. Yet, Vidia is her second favorite {mine too}. She just adores the part when Lizzy gets to fly around her room, her face breaks out in one huge smile many times in this movie. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue doesn’t really have any scary parts either, which makes it wonderful for even the wee ones to watch.

I like it when there isn’t a really frightening ‘bad guy’ in a kids’ movie, since my oldest is a tad bit into the nightmare/shadows stage and the Twins, well – they’re only 2! It’s a wonderful story about friendship and helping each other when in need. Oh, and a little pixie dust fun too! It’s so sweet to see my Twin toddlers clap and cheer when Isabelle suggests they watch it. Then they all cuddle up together on the couch {Awww!}.

Since this movie catches and keeps their attention for the duration, it’s been a savior for me to cook and prepare supper in peace {my only peace in the day!}. I have to admit, they have watched Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue every day since it arrived on our doorstep. When my daughter and I had our weekly movie night this past weekend, she chose Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue again. Needless to say, this movie is a treasure and I personally find myself tearing up every time I watch it. The magic and wonder that is this movie will delight hearts of all ages, I am certain.

I urge you to watch the trailer with your children and prepare to have your breath taken away!

To get you in the fairy mood and prepare for the upcoming release, I have an awesome giveaway for you – and there are 3 winners! Each is a wonderful prize pack that any child would love to have, I know these are the exact same items that I know my daughter would jump for joy over.


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  1. I asked my kids and they said they would Laugh and ask her if she wants some chocolate milk?!!

  2. Well unfortunately my daughter is still awake so I can ask her this now! Leah says she wants to catch a fairy NOW! Thanks, this is an amazing giveaway!
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  4. My kids would ask her for some dust, “because we want to fly Maman”. LOL love them. Oh I hope I win this!! LOL They would be over the moon.

  5. My granddaughter is only 2.75 years and not currently here so… I’m not sure what she would say but Fairies are definitely a part of our lives. And she LOVES Tinkerbell! Today she was putting a clear decor “rock”, that we call the Fairy Rock, in her mouth. I told her not to do that b/c it would make the Fairies sad. And she said, “Fairy cry?” while signing the word cry {she’s hearing but loves Baby Signing Time}. She didn’t put it in her mouth again. 🙂 She’s the sweetest! This would be such a huge surprise for her.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    cokelush at gmail

  6. Well, I just got my Tinker Bell to bed. But I know she would LOVE this movie. And I think she would be overjoyed if she met a real fairy in person.

  7. My 9 yo daughter is still a “believer” and shares her love of Tink with my Mother. She said she would get the fairies to help fly her to see Grammy!

  8. My daughter LOVES Tinkerbell. She is 2 as well so she doesn’t understand the question, “what would you like to do with a fairy” but she loves talking about how Tinkerbell wears a ponytail and talks to “mouse cheese,” as well as about Tinkerbell’s friend Terrence. She would LOVE to have the new movie AND all the toys to go with it! She’s very into pretend play right now so the wings would be a HUGE hit!

  9. I am entering for my friend’s 2 little girls. They LOVE Tinkerbell and they would love this prize. My daughter is only 4 months, otherwise I would ask her 😉

  10. My grandkids aren’t here but I know that they would adore this! I’m sure they would want to put a fairy in their pocket!


  11. The little guy says he would try to sit on her back and fly with her. Lol.

  12. My daughter says she would ask if they want to come to show and tell at school.

  13. My oldest (7) said: I would ask her what her name was and then I would play with her.
    My youngest (6) said: I would ask her if I can fly too!

  14. I ask my adult daughter just for fun and she said she would ask for fairy dust to be sprinkled all over her so she could fly. It’s good to stay young.

  15. My 5yr. old granddaughter would catch her in her butterfly net then put her in a jar. Of course there would be a whole in the lid so the fairy could breath.

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  19. My cousin’s little girl would love to have a Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue prize pack

  20. My niece said”I would freak”…lol..I would give this to her. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

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  22. My daughter said that she would make her a home and would like to play hide n seek with her. She says fairies are good hiders.

  23. i asked my 4 year daughter what she would do if she met a fairy, and she replied ” i would not catch her! i would just love her, and put her in a jar and keep her forever.” lol.

    thanks for the chance! She would love this!


  24. I tweeted about the contest as @Kelness but I can’t figure out how to get the link to the tweet

  25. I don’t have daughters, but I have two neices who would love this!
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  26. I’m entering this for my niece she is 7. But I asked my own daughter what she would say. She is 18 but loves disney princesses. she said if it was a person dressed like a fairy she would run away. She is still afraid of people in character costumes.

  27. my daughter said she would ask her to play with her

  28. My daughter is two and loves tinkerbell! She has to wear her tinkerbell pajamas every night (which means lots of washing for me! lol). She would love this!!

  29. My three year old daughter says she would fly with her 😉

    jenbutterfly12 at yahoo dot com

  30. I asked my 3yr old DD. She said she would meet a fairy when her evil step-sisters rip her dress and the fairy godmother would give her a beautiful princess dress. lol

  31. My granddaughter (she’s 3) loves Peter Pan and when asked about Tinker Bell and fairies, she said she wants them to take her to Peter Pan (I think she’s in love)


  32. My daughter said if she met a real fairy she would ask for pixie dust, apparently she thinks she can clean her room faster with it (oh how I wish!)

  33. My daughter said she would ask them to make her fly and go to Disneyworld, lol.

    She would so love this and that is who I would give it to

  34. My grand-daughter who lives in Kitchener would love to have a Tinker Bell and Great Fairy Rescue prize pack.

  35. My son wants to dance with the fairies or build a road with them… Hmm.. My daughter is sleeping now, but at 1 year old she would probably just clap and smile at them.
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  36. Both of my daughters said that they would ask the fairy if they could make more fairy houses so that more fairies would come and have a place to live. What a great give away! Thank you for the chance.

  37. I asked my daughter Avaya who is just over 2 years old and she said “mommy I need milk”. I don’t think she quite understands yet! I think she’d enjoy this movie, she loves Disney movies!

  38. My 4 year old daughter said she would fly with Tinkerbell. 🙂

  39. hey i twiitered…i receive emails and i like you on fb..yayay i am so excited to watch this movie!!!

  40. Elijah(4) says “If the fairy didn’t have a wand, I would give it a wand. If I saw one I could wake up Desiree to see it cause I really would want her to see it.” Thanks for the great giveaway!

  41. My son said he would ask the fairy if they could give 3 wishes like a genie, LOL.

  42. my niece would love to have this package! i asked her what she would do if she met a real fairy like tinkerbell and she said she would play with her, lol, as in she would be her friend and they could play babies together, she is 3.

  43. My 7 year old granddaughter said she would ask the fairy to help her clean the house and make dinner to surprise her mom, and the 5 year old would ask her to play and show her how to fly.

  44. I asked my 5 yr old daughter and her response is she would ride them. LOL


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  48. My daughter said she would ask if they could fly around together
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  49. “I would stand up.” “You would stand up?” “Yeah, I would stand up and play!” 🙂
    She’s 3…

  50. If my 5 year old met a fairy she said she would follow her to Pixie Hollow to see all the fairies and my 3 year old is too grumpy to answer this question right now!


  51. My son (who loves Tinkerbell by the way) says that he would keep a fairy as his secret friend if he met one. I asked if he would keep it a secret even from me and he said no, I’m the only one he would tell.

  52. My little one can’t really talk yet but i’m pretty sure she’s squish the fairy dust out of the fairy and give her lots of kisses. She loves Tinkerbell

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  54. My niece Ava loves Tinker Bell and watches Tinker Bell DVD s over and over, and so would really love this Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue prize pack.

  55. My 3 year old niece is crazy about fairies, especially Tinker Bell, and would love to have this Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue prize pack. She would wear out those wings !

  56. I’d love to win one of these for my niece, it’s the perfect gift for her!

  57. My daughter says she wants to go flying with one if they met.

  58. My daughter said that she would ask if she could become a fairy, too!

  59. my daughter would love this package! she is not old enough to tell me what she would do if she met a fairy….but i am sure if she could talk it would be funny!


  60. I asked my 2 daughters what they would like to do if they met Tinkerbell, they agreed that they want Tinkerbell to tell them how to fly, but to be nice, not like with the birdie that was scared of her and went back in his shell!

  61. I asked my baby girl, but shes only 2…and doesnt quite understand everything yet aswell as cant talk like older kids can! but she is such a girly girl, I just know she would be in “awe” of this movie!!!! I cant wait for her to see it 🙂 She loves her “shows!”!!

  62. I don’t have kids but my friend’s daughter would love this gift

  63. I’m entering in hopes of winning this for my God-daughter, though I’m sure if she met one, she’d ask the fairy A LOT of questions.

  64. Our daughter states that fairies are not real. We keep them to to books and movies.

  65. My daughter says “I don’t know . . . .I would just LOOK at her!” Lol!

  66. My granddaughter at 4 years of old is a great fan of princesses and fairies. When I asked her the questions her eyes got bif as saucers and she answered “I dunno!” Well, if I saw a fairy, I don’t know what I would do either.

  67. I know exactly who I would give this to if I won; I would give it to my youngest niece who is 4 years old. thank you for the opportunity.

  68. my daughter said she would ask for some pixie dust so she can have a baby sister!!

  69. “I would just stand and look at her”. Funny, my son usually has all sorts of fantastic stories!

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  70. My granddaughter said if she met a fairy she would put it in her Barbie house.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  71. My kids are all grown but my 27 month old granddaughter would love to have a Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue prize pack.

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  73. All if my kids adore the Tinkerbell movies, especially my 17 month old son! My 5 year old wants to be an animal fairy like fawn. My 6 yr old wants to be a Fast Flying Fairy like Vidia. My 8 year old wants to be a water fairy like Silvermist. If they met a real life fairy, they would ask to visit Neverland as they want to see PixieHollow badly. (my 5 yr old says I’m a cooking talent fairy)

  74. I’m entering for my 4-year-old sister. It’d be fun to have this at my house when she comes to visit so we can have some imaginary play time together!

  75. My 3 year old said she would eat shiny gold crackers together. My 5 year old son thinks the fairy would turn him into a fairy.

  76. my daughter said she would ask the fairy to dance if she ever met one.

  77. My little girl isn’t really old enough yet to get the question (she’s 2, almost 3) but I am sure she’d like to fly with the fairy and she loves watching Tinkerbell

  78. This would be the perfect gift for my neice. She loves Tinker Bell & fairies in general.

  79. My 3 year old said she would say “Hi”, kiss her, hug her, and “play tinker bell with Tinker Bell” then proceeded to search her room for her little tinker bell doll.

  80. My daughter is 3.5 and she said “I would hold hands with the fairy and be nice to her”.

  81. My 3yr old daughter said “only if she was a lion puppy fairy” lol She loves animals!

    ugottafriendnme at comcast dotnet

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  83. I have to laugh! My girl was making her bed when I asked what she would ask a fairy. She stops, looks at me for a moment and says “I’d ask where the eyes are on the back of your head!” I couldn’t stop laughing!

  84. My daughter would ask for some fairy dust so she could fly lol

  85. My daughter Jozy(3yrs) told me that she would “Ask her to be her friend and to go to her house. She would play dolls at the fairy’s house.”

  86. I’d love to get this for my niece…she’d probably want to learn how to fly if she met a fairy.

  87. My daughter said she would ask her how she flies in her room so sneaky to take her teeth.

  88. I like’d you on Facebook. 🙂 I would like a gift pack for my neice. Her birthday is Sept. 24th and she will be 8. I pay for her yearly subscription to Pixie Hollow. Her mom is a single mom with 3 children trying to make ends meet. I try and help out as much as I can to put little smiles on her face here and there. I did ask her personally what she would do if she ever met a fairy. Her first reply was, “I would be so excited”. Then I asked her what would you say? And she said that she would “ask her if she can please make me fly just one time so I can see what it feels like” and then said, “that would be so awesome”.

  89. I asked my kids earlier when I entered on another blog. My son who is 3 said he would kiss them and play with them. My daughter who is 10 said she would take pictures of them.

  90. My three year old says that she would “Fly all over the sky” with tinker Bell.
    At her age I think the biggest attraction for her is that she can fly.


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  92. My 4 year old said that she would ask her to play and ask her if she wanted to stay and live with us forever.

  93. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I have to win this for my daughter….Please o please! she is going to have the perfect fairy princess Christmas if you pick us to win! Oh my!

    What would you do if you met a fairy in real life?
    So here is her reply(she is only 3): “Um… PINK”(she means she wants to meet the pink fairy) I tried to restate the question and then she went on to say the “green fairy” (tinkerbell ofcourse) and she would “give them hugs”

  94. I am entering to win for my 1 1/2 yr old. So asking her the question does not get me an answer lol. But lately she has been really into “girly” stuff and I think she will love this

  95. I’ve search the web to check if this movie is now showing in theaters because i promised my daughter that we will watch this in the big screen, she was DVDs of the two previous tinkerbell movies. She is really excitied for this. She will love this stuff if we will win. I asked her about this thru a text to her dad. What my daughter said is that she will make friends to the fairy and she will request to the fairy to become like them. She wants to be silvermist. I bought her a fairy wings because she love the fairies so much that she wanted to be one.

  96. My daughter is being a stinker and won’t tell me. Her sister just made her cry so now she won’t do anything. lol I hope I can still enter for her. Thank you!

  97. My daughter said that if she met a fairy she would save her for halloween so she would be able to take her trick or treating and share her candy with her.

  98. I am entering to win for my 3 year old niece who would love this 🙂

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

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  101. My daughter says she would keep her in a glass bird house in her room.

  102. My daughter would want to fly like Wendy with Peter Pan. There would be, however, no flying around Hook or the Alligator.

  103. Invite her to a how to train your dragon tea party (I asked Ian even though we’d give them to his cousin if we win).

  104. My daughter said she would like to fly with her.

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  105. My daughter would ask her if she would like to move in with her and share her bed.

  106. My daughter said she would ask the fairy if she could ride on her back so she could fly!

  107. My daughter doesnt talk yet. But she loves Tinkerbell. She would be very excited to win this package.

    Following on twitter @coyotezeye

  108. I asked one of the little girls I watch on the weekends (i’d love to win it for her for Christmas!) and she said if she were a fairy in real life, she would sprinkle “happy glitter” on everyone so they could always be happy.
    (love that..wish I could too!)

  109. I asked my kiddo and he said that he would teach her how to play the VSmile :0)

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  111. One of ours said they would ask her to give her 3 wishes for anything.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  112. I have all boys, so when I asked my 7-year-old he just shrugged and looked at me like I was crazy. If I won this would go to our niece, who is actually having a Tinkerbelle birthday party in the beginning of October.

  113. So my daughter says if she met a fairy she would go to her house and play… then pondered whether or not the fairy would have a tv.

  114. My niece said if she met a fairy she’d ask her name and see if she was hungry.

  115. like you on facebook kathy l pease klp1965 (AT) myfairpoint (DOTNET)

  116. The Tinkerbell And The Great Fairy Rescue Pack would be greatly appreciated by my two granddaughters, ages 31/2 and 71/2. Just this week, I was visiting them, (they live 21/2 hrs. from me,) and my daughter had rented a Tinkerbell dvd which we all enjoyed so much! I’d love to give this dvd to them.

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