Disney Blogger Day | Dancing, Dining and Singing {Beauty and the Beast} Style


In part 1 of my second day in California, for the Disney Blogger Day Event – the morning was full of fun and adventure in learning all the behind the scenes secrets in the making of Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

The afternoon of this day was just as exciting, as we ventured into the world of Beauty and the Beast. You may or might not know, but this year marks the 25th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast. So, it’s another celebration for Disney and fans of the movie {There will be a full review of the new 25th Anniversary Edition of Beauty and the Beast very soon}.

A large building

I will get into the specifics later, yet Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. So, to have the Disney Blogger Day Event focus on it as well, made me beam from ear to ear.

The afternoon started with a little dancing. In true Beauty and the Beast form, us bloggers got private dance lessons in the rooftop Panorama Room of our hotel.

A group of people standing in a room

And who better to teach us ballroom dancing than Christian Perry, the principle coach/choreographer for Dancing with the Stars! Whoa!

Bringing in a team of his best dancers from his own dance studio {called Rose City Ballroom} in Pasadena, Christian taught us some of the basics and other fun moves in ballroom dancing. It was a blast!

A dining room table

Then, after a a few hours break to do our own relaxing and sightseeing {I stared at Justin Timberlake on Hollywood Blvd}, we returned to the Panorama Room to have dinner with Paige O’Hara.

Paige is the voice and singing talent behind Belle from Beauty and the Beast. In the elevator going to the Panorama room, I was a bucket of nerves. Yet, when we stepped into the room, my breath was literally taken away.

Again in true Beauty and the Beast style, the entire room was lit in gorgeous blue and purplish lights, candles galore and waiters serving hors d’oeuvres, champagne and wine. The view from the room was spectacular, the ambiance in the room was stunning. I soaked it all in as I noticed that softly the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack played throughout the room.

Text, letter
A couple of people that are standing in front of a screen

Amidst the skyline view, the perfectly set tables {which were set with fabulous collector Beauty and the Beast hardcover history books}, the mingling and visiting, one more surprise waited for us….

Two Disney artists were set with their easels in the corner of the room, there to draw sketches for us – of any Disney character we requested. I was blown away!! Authentic and original Disney Sketches!! I think I almost passed out at that point!

Each blogger got their turn at a request, then after everyone had one sketch, we we able to have more drawn, if we liked. I knew that I needed a sketch of Belle, not only to remember this event and my experience, but for my own Belle at home.

Beauty and the Beast’s Belle is my daughters’ all-time favourite Disney Princess. Let me say, watching the artists work is amazing – so detailed, quick and precise. Both were so friendly and enthusiastic about their work.

A drawing of a person

We bloggers in attendance were in heaven, requesting and watching each masterpiece take fold. From Snow White to Bambi, Mickey Mouse to Wall-E – it was like flipping through the Disney archives, watching stories and memories come to life on paper.

After my Belle sketch was drawn, there was time for more so I got one for each of my Twins as well. So, I also got a Tinker Bell and Peter Pan sketch too. Once my girls’ rooms are completely decorated, these will be framed and secured to their wall.

For now, they are held in my safety, unrolled many times for me to marvel at. How precious and I feel so fortunate!


And, the star of the evening was definitely Paige O’Hara, a wonderful and lively woman who was warm, kind and bursting with personality, joy and love.

Not only did she chat with us, dine with us and tell us stories about her life work – she also signed our Beauty and the Beast books and told us stories of her life and work. We also got to meet her Husband, and ironically he plays The Beast on Broadway!

Text, letter
Tammi Roy, Paige O\'Hara posing for the camera

I spent a great deal of time talking to Paige, and I truly felt like I was talking to Belle. Oh, she is such a beautiful person inside and out! I asked her what line or phrase was her favorite from Beauty and the Beast – to which she quoted, “Gaston, you are positively prime-evil“.

I had to beam as she spoke, it was like witnessing a scene from the movie, right in front of me. I was in awe! But, the best part of the evening with Paige, for me, is when I asked her if she would sing part of a song from Beauty and the Beast. She did, but only if I would sing with her. And so I did!!

We sang the first song on the movie, entitled ‘Belle’, the scene when she’s walking through her …. “little town, full of little people. Waking up to say….“. Oh wow, I can’t believe that I sang with Paige O’Hara! Of course, I was quiet and shy, and since I cannot sing to save my life – full of fear.

But arms around each other and bearing huge smiles, we sang, and it was amazing! I really do adore Paige, and wish her all the best in her current roles in theater.

At the end of the night, I remember turning for one final look around the room before I left for my room. I could only think of one thing…in true form of Disney, it was magical. Nothing short of magical!

A group of people posing for a photo

I do have to shout out a huge and heart-felt Thank You to Disney for this opportunity. My attendance at the Disney Blogger Event was one which filled me with every emotion ever capable.

From laughter to complete tears, this Canadian Mom and blogger feels like she experienced the world in just a few days. I felt like a Disney Princess! This experience is and will always be, one of the best experiences of my life.

I will always hold my memories close to my heart – many hugs to everyone who made this event possible.



  1. This is great Tammi, you have such an excellent way of describing this amazing experience. It’s like I lived it all over.


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