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Having never been as a kid, I used to think Disney Parks were just gigantic amusement parks. I assumed it was a similar experience to the fairs that flew through town once a year, only bigger and more permanent. While I was always curious and knew I wanted to go eventually, I didn’t think it would ever be ‘up there’ on my list of favourite places in this world.

Then, I experienced Disney as an adult with my kids and totally discovered that I had a very strong Disney side. Ahh, the joy of travel and the discovery of a new place along with self-realization. The happiness that Disney brings out is a piece of me that existed only long ago, hidden deep and buried with age.

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It all started when I first walked through the gates and saw that majestic castle at Walt Disney World in Florida. I stopped in my tracks, held my breath and immediate tears formed in my eyes. I felt like a kid, full of wonder, hope and magic. It’s the immediate belief that anything can happen, and all is possible. Just when I think my senses can’t take much more, I look over and see that my daughter is in amazement as well, and we are experiencing this together.

seeing the disney castle

I revel in seeing my girls light up at every turn, that incredible sparkle in their eyes of true amazement. It’s the way they skip as we go, and hold tightly to my hand through the day. Being taller, I spot the princess first and watch my kids’ reactions as we get closer. I wait for that moment … and there it is. Jaw drop, eyes pop, huge smile and run!

on a carousel


disney parade

From that first visit to Walt Disney World to many visits afterward (including Disneyland), we’ve made so many memories at Disney. It’s when my oldest got her magical fairy tale makeover on her birthday and danced with Rapunzel in her castle. Relaxing with Dole Whips in the shade while scouring the map and planning the next ride to take. Hearing everyone’s wows as the fireworks lit up the sky and going on many rides back to back, cause each one was “the best ever!”

disney at night

On our last visit, we took Grandma with us on our travels, to make it a multi-generational trip. My girls loved showing Grandma all of their favourite rides, attractions and places in the parks. For Grandma, experiencing Disney with her grandkids meant the world. Even after the trip, she couldn’t stop raving over all that we saw and did – complete amazement and awe! Plus, we learned that Grandma has a strong Disney side that includes pretty fast and exhilarating rides – who knew!? Does Disney make you feel like a carefree kid? Definitely!

hugging merida

My Disney side is full of laughter, cheeks hurting from smiling, eager to fill each day – good times and many (many!) memories. It’s experiencing life through new eyes, while probably wearing fashionable ears on your head. It’s the celebration, wonderment, magic and memories that occur with each and every hug.

kids and tinkerbelle

My Disney side is all the best parts of myself, my family, life and cherishing the moment as it happens. It’s a side that everyone has, the only question is, have you discovered it?


 Let loose, come play and bring out the fun in your family at Disney Parks! What’s your Disney Side? It’s the side of you that laughs more, screams more, and just plain lives life to the fullest. It’s the side of you that comes out to play the moment your family steps into a Disney theme park. Discover your Disney Side at

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  1. We love showing our DisneySide. We used to have annual passes to Disneyland but had to give them up after the cost of a pass became too much. Now we concentrate on visiting the parks twice a year and LOVE the experience we have with our kids.

    1. How wonderful to have had annual passes. I kinda love not visiting too often, yet I don’t think going a lot would take any of the magic away.

  2. I went to Disneyland as a teen but I only experienced the rides side of it. We’re waiting until our youngest is a little older (maybe Kindergarten) and then we’re going to go and enjoy the character-y side of Disneyland. Probably do a lot of rides too but as I learn more and more of what Disneyland offers I am more drawn to the non-ride attractions. I know my girls will love the princesses too!

    1. There is SO MUCH there beyond the rides, I discover a new love each time we go. That would be a great age to go, Viv, have fun planning your trip!

  3. I really want to take my kids, and husband to DisneyLand. I went a few times as a kid and really want to go back. I really want to go since they added a new park and Cars Land. Great photos. Looks like you all had a blast. Definitely made lots of memories.

  4. We go to Disney World in Orlando and have always had an enjoyable time and it makes such great vacations for the whole family.

    1. So true Grace, I always have Disney on the brain – such a happy place! Just thinking about it makes me smile!

  5. I went to Disney World at age 14 with my family. We had a blast! My favourite part of it were all the fun rides especially the roller coasters. Some day maybe I’ll bring the kids there. I just wish it wasn’t so far!

  6. Wow, what an amazing experience! My kids would love to visit Disney! I would love to take them one day! I honestly don’t’ know who would have more fun. Me or my kids! lol.

  7. I traveled to Walt Disney World when I was in my late teens, early twenties. However after I married and had my daughter we never seemed to have enough money to travel (and my then-husband was dead set on not going anywhere) so, alas, she missed out on it. I’m trying to make up for the things she missed in her childhood by going to resorts with her. Maybe one day when she has children of her own, she can travel to a Disney Park with them.

  8. So great that you got to experience this with your girls! Maybe someday my son will want to go to one of the parks and it will be fun for me too!

  9. I to have always wanted to go as a child, but never happened. I am 45 and still dream of going there it looks so magical and I know I to would feel like a child. I’m so happy you and your family enjoyed Disney your girls look so happy and thrilled!!

  10. Awesome! We are HUGE Disney fans here. Your pictures are amazing! I love Merida so much 🙂

  11. The vey first paragraph really is wonderful and made me feel as though I was there with you. The picture of the group hug…a place where it is ok to be hugged. Sounds pretty magical to me.

  12. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Love looking at the “love” the girls have in their eyes! Disney is truly magical.

  13. I have always wanted to go, but never have yet. I keep asking my husband to take me, Oh how I wish to go

  14. We have our Disneyland annual passes and going a lot has not taken the magic away. I loved seeing your photos of your sweet girls.

  15. After saying for ages I am going to take my family to Disney I am happy to confirm we are actually going the end of January 2015!! Sooooo excited!!

  16. Thanks for sharing this… I am an avid Disney fanatic and I truly believe that Disney is timeless and for all ages. Nice to see you were able to discover your “Disney side” 🙂

  17. Thanks for all the info on Disney. We have been trying to save enough to go on a great trip, and without rushing through it all. Love to see all the pics and ideas you have on the page.

  18. This is definitely a place my family and I will be making magical memories!! Beautiful and stunning pictures!!

  19. I can’t wait to take my kids to Disney World. I have never been either and I am hoping to take them soon. I don’t know what to expect and I do have high expectations but I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed. When we do go, I think I will be just as excited to go as them if not more!

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