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When I had when I had the Twins, I thought I had a firm grasp on what must-haves I needed {since I had experience with my oldest daughter}. Yet, one new adjustment was having to fit double of everything into our house. I’ve had to fine-tune my organizational skills when it came to closet space and room for toys – yet having two of the bigger baby essentials was {and still is} almost maddening. Anyone who has had a baby knows hows how a swing, bouncer, exersaucer, play gym, and toys can take over any room. Now imagine multiples… yikes, is right! We hadn’t even considered house space for multiples when we purchased our home, so I’m very thankful that there is just enough room for us all. I had the opportunity to review the Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair , and and it made me realize just how much one should consider design when comparing brands, before purchasing.

DesignThe Flair Pedestal Highchair comes in a box of 5 pieces, plus the instruction book. There are a few color choices available, yet I chose the orange and white one. I put the highchair together myself, in a matter of 10-15 minutes. The instructions were clear, simple and very easy to follow. Keep in mind though, the box is heavy, so you might need help in moving it to the desired assembly space {I had to wait until Hubby was home in order to get it up the stairs}. In approximately 5 easy steps, you’ll have your Flair assembled, requiring just a screwdriver. Compared to the assembly and parts included with our other highchairs, this was a simple breeze!

Chair and DesignThe Flair Pedestal Highchair has one very trendy and cool design, at first my Husband compared it to a Barbers’ chair. True, but that is what makes it so special – the simple, clean look and the compact design. As you can see, instead of having bulky legs that extend beyond other highchairs, this one has one solid and heavy round base. You don’t have to get on all fours and maneuver all around the chair on order to wipe it down. The Flair chair does have some sway to it, when compared to others {especially when kids really get moving in the chair}. Yet, in my daily use, and trying it with 2 rambunctious Twin Toddlers – it is indeed very sturdy, safe and solid. One other aspect I adore, is that there is no fabric/plastic covering on the chair. You see, I have a loathing for those fabric/plastic chair coverings – they are a major pain to wash. And they are terrible for collecting food and crumbs underneath them, from sneaky leftovers making their way down the sides. Yes, they are huge peaves for me! The colored padding is easy to wipe down and is contoured so that crumbs aren’t likely to make their way under it. Best of all, when you take the padding off, there are no holes and spaces for food to hide in! It’s one seamless design – literally, once simple wipe and it’s clean!

Chair and BoonThe Flair Pedestal Highchair is a top choice for those with limited spaces, or those who just don’t want a highchair to overtake a room. I am able to compare the Boon Flair with 2 different brands of chairs that we own, and the Flair takes up significantly less space than the others. As you can see from this photo, all 3 brands are right up against the wall – and the Flair beats them all when it comes to space-saving abilities. One other little blessing I see in the design of the Flair base is that there are no sharp edges or corners.
One brand of highchair I own has rough edges on each wheel. This has caused many tears when the kids have caught their toes on it, but as also scraped and dig into my baseboards too. For toes and my walls, I have cursed this brand a few times, which is why I appreciate the smooth and contoured base of the Boon Flair!

kidThe boon flair features a pneumatic lift, and raises up and down to your desired height {plus, it can go higher than my other 2 brands as well}. As well, the Flair has six casters that move in any direction hidden under the base – so it moves effortlessly in all directions. These casters can be locked or unlocked by depressing the brake on the outside of the base, with your foot. Easy-peesy.

The Boon Flair comes with a two compact tray liners that snap onto the main feeding tray {they fit so nicely in the dishwasher!}. You will notice that the Flair feeding tray is significantly smaller than a tray on other brands, yet my girls do have all the space they do need at meals, without plates falling off. The Flair comes with a 5 point harness seat belt system for safety, which makes this chair great for babies to toddlers.

A little girl sitting at a table with a plate of food, with Chair and BoonUsing the Boon Flair in my home has been wonderful. I very much like the design and operation and the ease to clean. Yet, I have to admit that my favorite feature is the fact that it’s not babyish – it doesn’t scream ‘look out, there’s a baby in this house!!’. It has a clean, simple and modern design that is very trendy and chic! And, having just one Flair in my kitchen has given me so much more room to move! As an organized Mom, I often daydream about all the room I’d have to dance with my girls in the kitchen with 2 Flair highchairs….ahhh, I am slowly reclaiming my house again!!

All Boon products are bpa, phthalate and pvc free. The founder and designer of the company, Rebecca Finell, has brought modern, functional and fresh products to parents in the forms of feeding supplies, bath accessories, room decor and much more. Make sure to do a search for ‘Boon’ in my sidebar, to read my previous reviews for other Boon products.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


  1. I would love the Pedestal Highchair ! But I would also like the potty bench since my daughter is close to that age to start potty learning

  2. I want the Stash, it would be great for my scrapbooking

  3. I’d love the Potty Bench! I’ve got a 2 year old daughter who will be training soon, with another little one on the way. I love the sleek design and the fact that it holds the toilet paper too!

  4. I’d love to have the Boon Fli ceiling mounted mobile to add a touch of nature to the nursery. I love dragonflies!!

  5. I really want the boon flo, I think it would be nice to have a bubble dispenser and it would cover the faucet so the kids couldn’t play with it

  6. i’d like the Boon Flo for bathing fun and safety silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. Follower on FB and twitter, also have your button!
    I have a few BOON products and they are great, the plates are wonderful, comes with tiny bowls for dipping sauces, veggies etc.. But the potty looks great too!

  8. Became a fan of BOON on FB

    Melissa under score martins eighty at hotmail dot com

  9. I would like the Toddler Bowl with Spill Catcher because I like the long food catcher on it and the suctioned bottom so it doesn’t move.

  10. I’d also love the Potty Bench because I have a wee grandkidlet who is potty training and this would be great to have when she is here! Also, the Potty Bench doubles as a stool so that’s great!


  11. Pedestal Highchair is on my list for sure… but I love all their designs. From the Scrubble to the Fluid to the Oval Animal Bag which seems so brilliant.

  12. This is the high chair I had planned on purchasing. Would be awesome if I won it!!
    There’s so much from Boon that I want!! After looking on their website, I’ll definitely be buying the Grass Countertop Drying Rack among many others!!

  13. I also became a FB fan of Boon and I’m already a My organized Chaos fan under Kim S. H.

  14. i also love the TRIO ANIMAL BAGStuffed Animal Storage and Soft Seat making room for thing is always a chare and this is great for that and for keeping dust off the toys , great idea
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  18. We’d love the Frog Pod too because it would make bath time that much more organized!

  19. Well I must say the highchair would be my number one pick because we are expecting baby #3 and we barely have enough dining space for the four of us as it is. But the stuffed animal storage bag and seat is such an awesome idea. We have animals all over the house and they never stay in their designated place. This could easily corral them.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I want the Frog Pod because the imitation one I have right now keeps falling off the shower wall – doh!

  21. I have the frog pod for my sons bath toys and I love it! I’d love to have the pink bug pod for my daughters toys. That would be adorable.

  22. The BOON grass drying rack! I just ordered one and can hardly wait. It’ll be perfect for drying baby’s bottles, dishes and other little goodies!

  23. I love the toddler sippy cup in green/blue. It looks just right for little toddler hands to grasp easily. And since I have boys, hence the green/blue color.

  24. I’ve got your boon giveaway button on my blog, Emily’s Latest, at (left sidebar)

  25. I’ve got your boon giveaway button on my blog, Emily’s Latest, at (left sidebar)

  26. I like the Frog Pod because we have a frog bathroom. It would look soooo cute in it. I love the function as well.

  27. I like the squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon because it would make one handed feeding easier.

  28. i like the frog pod. I hate fishing bath toys out everyday. It would be great to just scoop them right up

  29. id like to have the snack ball in orange , its something we would get a lot of use out of

  30. I’ve been eyeing up the Boon Oval Animal bags for a long time because I think they’re so functional and would help to keep my kids’ rooms clean and organized.

  31. I would love to have the bug pod because it would get many of the things that do not have a place in the bathroom a very handy and cute spot


  32. I like th stash multi-room organizer, as I think this would be great for pur pen and marker collection

  33. I would like the Stash in white. It would be great for organizing all those little knick knacks that keep getting misplaced in my home.

  34. I love the stay put divided bowl!! such an awesome idea, asher is always dropping his plate.

  35. Another Boon product I like is the Potty Bench because it says it is very sturdy and supports up to 300lbs. I like that it is so sturdy as it seems like a lot of the potty chairs are flimy and I worry about them tipping over with my son on them.

  36. I am a Fan of Boon on Facebook. My FB username is Shawna OBrien

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  38. I would love to have green potty bench as my girl will start potty training very soon!

  39. I’d just love the f acute cover and bubble bath dispenser. What a neat idea. This would alleviate my husband from accidentally using the bubble bath as shampoo. Yes that truly does happen in our house πŸ™‚

  40. I like the trio animal bag because my little girl can use it store her stuffed animals and as a chair

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  41. I also like the boon water bugs bath toys!
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  42. I like Groovy interlocking plate and bowl set in blue. My baby’s starting to learn how to eat by himself. This set looks like fun, I’d be able to give him diffrent foods in separate plates and not worry that he’ll drop them all.

  43. FB Fan, Follow you already!

    I would also love to get the stuffed animal holder. I think it is genius!

  44. I like the potty bench. It looks so sleek as a stool, I like that it doesn’t look like a potty πŸ™‚

  45. I love the boon flair!!! I also love the boon frog pod and hope to use that in the tub with my first due June 6th!

  46. I’d like to have the Bug Pod in pink/black because it would keep the toys from being scattered all over.

  47. I love the boon benders spoons it makes feeding so much easier with their flexible shape

  48. I’d love to give the squirt spoon a try. It seems like either a real time saver or a big pain . .. I’d love to find out which it is!

  49. The Potty Bench has the cool look. storage & easy to clean. I want one for the baby.

  50. i would love a set of the benders spoon. i have almost every other boon product already and need the chair and spoons to finish my collection.

  51. I like the red/black Bug Pod. It’s a cute way to keep the bath stuff organized.

  52. I like the trio animal bag because my baby inherited so many stuffed animals from her older siblings.

  53. I like the Bug Pod. It would be great to keep things organized in the bathtub.

  54. OHHHH i want this so bad =) i’d love to have the different connection thing that they sell for the bug pod b/c ours won’t stay up in the bath it always crashes down =(

    autumn398 @

  55. I’d also like to have the Potty Bench because my almost 2 year old needs to start potty-training. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. boon interlocking plate and bowl set in blue. I have so many other boon things already! Love them.

  57. Forgot to mention that I would like the Frog pod because my little guys bathroom stuff (toys and shampoo etc) is so unorganized right now!

  58. I wish i had a Frog Pod this would be so good to keep my boys bath toys in.

  59. I love the Snack Balls and the Animal Bags

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  60. I’m a fan of you on Facbeook! (LovelyRita Ann)

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  61. I would also like the potty bench, because that time is comming soon.

  62. I love the frog pod…it is so awesome to keep bathtub toys put away and it matches the P’s bathroom decor!

  63. I follow you and @BoonInc on twitter and tweeted!

    Rachael W.

  64. I would love the Frog Pod, because our bath toys are a mess and need some organizational help!

  65. This would be great! I also like the Boon Bug Pod…to make bathtime easier! Thanks so much.

  66. I would love to have the Potty Bench (green). I love that the potty can be *hidden* and used as a much needed step-up for the little ones to wash their hands.

  67. I love the flo. My son is still scared of the tub, and I’ve been trying to think of things that might help. I think he’d like this!

  68. Everything, I love Boon. But I think the thing we need to try next, aside from the highchair is the Boon Potty!

  69. I’d love to have Grass in my home! I’ve heard it is awesome for drying bottles and other baby items.

  70. Love the pink Odd Duck for my daughter’s bath – BPA and phthalate free!

  71. Another boon product I’d love to have in my home is the Frog Pod because it’s a nice organized way to keep all of our bath toys!

  72. I also liked the Potty Bench because it also has a storage space in it and when they outgrow wanting to use the potty to the grown up toilet they can use this as a step stool. I really liked the Flair Highchair in pretty pink~! Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway with all of us πŸ™‚

  73. i’d like the boon potty chair. we’re almost at that stage- my daughter is 20 months old, and likes to follow her big sis’ into the bathroom to watch her go potty.

  74. I’d love to have a Frog Pod! My son likes to have tons of toys in the tub, and this would make picking them up (or out) super simple, and the storage would be a breeze!

  75. I’d also love to have the Frog Pod!!

    froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

  76. I seriously love the Frog Pod (and the Ladybug) because it would corral the countless tub toys we have.

  77. I love that the products were designed by parents, and not people just looking to make a buck. I like the rubber ducks though – they’re cute, a little quirky, and something I collect. πŸ™‚

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  78. I like the Potty bench because it does not look as scary to a toddler as does a potty chair.

  79. I’d love a potty bench for my 2 year old, to get potty training started off to a really cool start.

  80. I’d like to have the green toilet training Potty Bench in my home for when my granddaughter comes over.

  81. I’m a My Organized Chaos Fan on Facebook

    username is cheryl hodgkins

  82. I really like the Trio Animal Bag – my bebe boy’s stuffed animals end up ALL OVER!! It would be great to have a “designated space” for them…and it’s really cute too!

    jewell330 at aim dot com

  83. the potty bench (s)would be perfect for my little princesses as they potty train…they both like to do everything together, must be a win thing.

  84. I’d love to have the Stash Multi-room Organizer to help get our homeschool shelf straightened up.

  85. Uhoh! I already entered this giveaway and forgot. So sorry! Could you please delete my last two comments and this one?

  86. I would love to have the potty bench because we are just beginning potty training, plus it can be a stool to help reach the sink for washing hands and brushing teeth.

  87. Our little boy would love to play with Designer Toys and Scrubbies set from Boon Inc… Not just in the bathtub, of course! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  88. I like the grass because it is just so much cooler than other drying racks

  89. I love their boon (spoon) that you put baby food and take it to go! I have one and use it all the time!!

  90. An Animal Pod would be great to store all my little girls bath toys.


  91. I’d love to have the Potty Bench because my nephew is almost 3 and still not potty trained. He needs a cool potty like this to get him motivated.

  92. I like the rubber duckies. My youngest, eight months, likes to chew on a rubber duck at diaper changes, so another one would be nice. I really like the orange wavy one. Anything orange I am loving!

  93. would love the frog pod for bath toys!

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  96. I would also like to have the Flo water deflector. It would make the tub somewhat more safe for my grandson while bathing.

  97. I would love a bath pod to keep all of my toddlers bath toys organized and in one place πŸ™‚

  98. One other product I would love to have is the Boon Potty Bench ! The side storage would be so nice to have so that I could store a package of flushable wipes. This training toilet is so much sleeker and so less obnoxious than most on the market….it would be PERFET for our Son.

    What a great giveaway!

    **I also became fans on FaceBook of Boon and My Organzied Chaos.

  99. I like the Stash Multi-room Organizer in Black. It is sleek and a handy way to keep the baby’s stuff organized in one area!

  100. Looks like a fantastic piece of equipment! I’d also love to have their frog pod–we always have trouble keeping our bath toys in one place!

  101. tweeted, I am trying to put the link in here but if you right click it won’t paste it says its a copyright violation. It also won’t let me copy the tweet, said it was a copyright violation. Anyways, I used your twitter name in my tweet so hopefully you see it

  102. I would like the Potty Bench has it’s own toliet paper holder and looks to be easy clean up

  103. I would love the Frog Pod for my grandchildren. We have another grandchild on the way!

  104. I really like their products. Probably would pick the potty.
    jswandrn at gmail

  105. that multi room organizer is pretty awesome. I would use it in the kitchen to organize baby things that seem to live on the counter. Or in the baby room since it is darling. We have the Boon feeding spoon and I LOVE IT. I love this company. What a generous giveaway!