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For most of my life I longed to be one whom had strong and healthy nails. For instance, my Mother had the most gorgeous nails. I still remember being school-age, sitting on the couch watching TV with her, and admiring her nails. I’d trace my finger around each one, then try to bend them with all my might – but never could.

Myself? Total opposite!

Instead I’ve always had brittle and thin nails, which bend like origami paper. Due to this, my nails peel and rip before they even have a chance to grow at all. Needless to say, I’m not the best at picking off pricing stickers. Sometimes when trying to remove even these, would cause a snag in my nail that would rip.

I’ve always wanted strong and longer nails, not only for aesthetic reasons, but for comfort as well. It’s so painful to accidentally flip a switch with my nail and not the pad of my finger – only to have my nail bend back or rip. Ouch!

Of course growing up I tried many products designed to strengthen; and even studied up on other things that might help {foods to eat, vitamins to take and acrylic nails to throw out – oops!}.

Indeed there are many factors that hinder the health of nails. Everyday wear and tear  can truly damage a healthy nail yet so can environmental factors, diet, age, toxins in the environment, and repeated use of gels and acrylics. .

Maybe that’s why my nails only seem to ‘like’ it when I’m away on vacation. During this time my nails harden somewhat and I actually have decent looking nails. See? I’m a vacation lover through and through! Alas, before the plane lands on familiar soil,  I’d again have brittle nails that chip and break easily.

With summer coming, I’d really like to finally settle the score with my nails, and succeed in the battle of strength. After so many years of longing for beautiful nails, it’s about time I had some of my own. 

I’ve chatted about their fantastic polishes before, but did you know that Trind has this lineup of restorative products as well? 

Nail and Trind

The Trind restorative products trio includes: Trind Nail Repair, Trind Nail Revive and Trind Nail Restorer. They work to restore the natural balance of protein and moisture, and repair any damage or weakness right down to your nail bed. 

Trind Nail Repair – A nail strengthener that repairs damaged or weakened nails and bring them back to a healthy, beautiful balance. It applies like a polish and dries with a glossy finish. You will see visibly stronger and healthier nails in as little as two weeks! Combine it with the Trind Nail Balsam for the ultimate nail care.

Trind Nail Revive – This formaldehyde-free nail strengthener is for those with weak and brittle nails. This unique formula works to strengthen nails while maintaining flexibility so nails don’t split or chip. Thin or damaged nails will become strong and flexible. The Nail Revive is applied to the nails like regular nail polish. Combine it with the Trind Nail Balsam for the ultimate nail care!

Trind Keratin Nail Restorer – This extra-mild moisturizing and strengthening treatment is for those with weak or damaged nails who are looking for a gentler solution. It rebuilds brittle and fragile nails, and repairs damage due to repeat use of gels, acrylics, artificial nails or exposure to solvents or environmental toxins. It has a high concentration of the protein Keratin, which restores and strengthens the structure of the nail. Boost your results with the Trind Nail Protector, which adds a layer of protection and acts as the perfect basecoat for Caring Colors polish.

I’ve been so pleased with Trind Caring Color Polishes, and am now a fan for life. So, I’m very excited to get some new hues for summer 2015, they are straight from the most popular salons in Europe. 

Nail and Trind

Aren’t the shades gorgeous for this season? Right now you can get 2 for 1 pricing on all Trind Caring Colors with the coupon code: CARING2FOR1 {expires on July 31, 2015}.

I’ve already incorporated Trind Nail Revive into my daily routine {apply daily, removing before re-applying} and cannot wait to see the results on my nail health. So far, so good – I haven’t torn a nail in four days!

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  1. I would like to try their Caring Color (CC142) Metallic Baby Blue -what a great, vibrant colour

  2. I would try the Extra Moisturizing Cuticle Cream. No matter what I do, my cuticles are always dry.

  3. I would love to try the Restore Keratin protein formula , would be awesome for my nails as i just had my gel nails off they are a sight ! thanks for the chance 🙂

  4. I have very weak nails that always break and bend so I would love to try th me nail repair natural.

  5. I really want to try the Nail Restore. All of their products look so intereating! Thanks for sharing this product line!

  6. I would like to try the Trind Strength & Grow – Repair Original Formula – thank you!

  7. I think the Extra Moisturizing Cuticle Cream would be a great product to try. I’m just as concerned about my cuticles (maybe more so) than I am about my nails.

  8. Visited Trind and the Trind nail product I would like to try is their Trind Keratin Treatment for Nails Kit

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