Back to School Routine Help with Springfree Trampoline

The lazy carefree days of summer‘ is always a term that I struggled with. Sure, it’s chaos due to the lack of usual structure and routine. Yet it’s also not mundane, because like most families, we’re always on the go during this break from school.

This past week we’ve had beloved company from Toronto, a blogging friend Julie and her daughter came to visit and connect in person – and it’s been fantastic. Our daughters have been the best of friends for many years, despite being a country apart.

During our time together, we spent a couple days in the Rocky Mountains, a beautiful and appropriate Albertan welcome for our East coast friends.

Then we traveled back to our home, which was just as exciting for her daughter {a fellow competitive cheerleader like my own daughters} because we have a Springfree Trampoline. Not having one of her own, she was very eager to jump and play to her hearts content.

The thing is, they are teenagers, and that should set the stage well if you are familiar with having a teen in the home. Summer days for them are known for sleeping in, going to the mall with friends, phone in hand, and late night movies.

Yet we blogging Moms were almost taken aback at just how much time these teens have been spending on our Springfree Trampoline, upwards of 6 sets of time per day.


It’s been refreshing to see the girls closely connecting in a such a creative yet simple way. Whether jumping or taking turns at tricks, or sitting and talking in the warm summer breeze – it’s such a valuable time. This time for them, is priceless.

Yet above all, we couldn’t help but notice that our Springfree Trampoline is greatly helping with the upcoming season, and helping make that transition from summer to back to school.

Back to School Routine Help with Springfree Trampoline

– Thanks to Springfree Trampoline, the girls are taking in a lot less screen-time, which is actually beneficial any time of the year. Since they are actively doing something that is difficult to do with devices in hand, they are more likely to leave them out entirely.

– Just 10 minutes of trampoline jumping is equal to a 30 minute run, so these girls are getting a ton of daily exercise. Not only is this great for the mind and body, yet it’s wearing them out!

– For many, the back to school season is also back to athletics and sports, so trampoline jumping is also a tool in training for all that activity again.

– This increase in exercise means earlier bedtimes and a more quality sleep, which is key to the transition from summer late nights to back to school routine.

While our assistance in a back to school routine thanks to Springfree came naturally for our girls, for those that are actively seeking routine help using their trampoline, you have options to start the process such as designated reading time on the trampoline and in the fresh air.

You can also encourage early morning jumping time to kickstart the day or as rewards or breaks from back to school shopping or the dreaded labelling of supplies.

You can easily say we’re all jumping for joy this time of year, and for many reasons – there’s reason to celebrate.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. I agree – with a trampoline out back, the tv and computer are a lot less appealing to kids.

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