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** UPDATE: Amera Nail Products aren’t sold anymore.


Ever since the colder weather hit us in Alberta, my hands immediately took the toll. Chilly temps, along with the wind caused a terrible dryness, almost immediately. So, each night before bed, I’d slather on some hand lotion that I have sitting on the nightstand.

I did this, faithfully with the popular in-store brand, yet saw nothing when it came results. After weeks of lotioning, my hands were still dry! Does this sound familiar to you?

amera natural nails review giveaway

Then, I got an adorable package from the nice people at Amera, a line of natural products for hands and nails. Formulated by dermatologists, Amera’s products have been around since 1984 yet this was my first introduction. The company was actually started by a female dentist who was tired of always having dry and rough hands along with chipped and splitting nails. 

“Unsatisfied with what she found on the market she set out to research and work with dermatologists to develop products that use natural ingredients and tricks of her trade.”

Thinking of my ‘hand situation’, I immediately started using the Amera Hand and Body Lotion. It contains no alcohol or added fragrance to avoid allergic reactions no matter if used in your home or in professional settings. 

That first night, I tried Amera Hand and Body Lotion and noticed that after seconds of rubbing it into my hands, all evidence of the lotion was gone. So different than other lotions I have at home, which coated the hands and felt slippery for hours afterward. Quite honestly, my reaction was, ‘that’s it!? How can this possibly work?“.

** Here’s the important part people:  After two nights of applying Amera Hand and Body Lotion, ALL dryness and tightness in my hands, disappeared. ALL. I sit here now after weeks of use and am amazed at how well this lotion works, impressed at the soft hands that plink away on the keyboard. Colour me a HUGE fan, I’ve never had a hand lotion work this fast before!

This lotion costs $13.50, which is a steeper price that other brands but .. ummm, it actually works!? If I think of the 6+ bottles of hand lotion in my house that are {honestly} useless in comparison, I’m all in for paying that $13.50. 

amera cuticle mousse review

I’ve also been used the other products I was sent for review, the creamy whipped Cuticle Mousse, something which I was always told by my aesthetician to use, but haven’t. Honestly, I tried but the usual cuticle creams come in nail polish bottles and I’ve never cared for the liquidy greasiness of those. Amera’s Cuticle Mousse is thicker than the lotion, obviously, but another ninja in a bottle waiting to be unleashed. Love it!

A close up of a bottle

Of course I’ve used all of the products on my feet, to prep for our family trip to Florida. Easy pampering at home with wonderful products that actually LOOK like they’ve been done by a professional? Yes please!

I have a feeling this Winter that both the Hand and Body Lotion and the Foot Treatment will be my BFF’s and the others will be like their trusted sidekicks in the battle of the elements vs the body. Know who wins this fight? Me, finally!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.




  1. Formulated by dermatologists, didn’t know the product so I just leant lots! It was all new

      1. I get this question a lot! As far as I know, they don’ make them anymore. But let me know if you find some because many people are looking!

  2. its so close to my name, lol, but sounds great, dermatologists have given praise for its effectiveness to relieve dry skin. conditioner & water soluble. no added fragrance, no alcohol or wax & dries in under a minute. sounds fabulous!!

  3. that the Intensive foot treatment… It acts as a sealant to lock in essential moisture, and has odor-fighting ingredients provide a pleasant deodorizing fragrance. I need to get some for my brother he has sticky feet lol

  4. “The Amera Nail File was developed using the same aluminum oxide crystals that Amera’s founder used in her dentistry practice to file chipped teeth.”

  5. In 1984 Amera was founded by a female dentist who was tired of accepting dry, rough hands and chipped, splitting nails, as one of her occupational hazards.

  6. I learned that the foot treatment has Vitamins A, D, and E, to soothe and nourish the skin without the greasy feeling. That is very important to me. I had that greasy thing that happens after all the other foot creams I have tried.

  7. Amera Hand and Body Lotion contains no added fragrance, no alcohol or wax and absorbs within 30-60 seconds of application.

  8. I learned that even common nail care practices, when even when done by professionals, can cause damage.

  9. I learned that the products contain no alcohol or fragrances and the Amera Nail File was developed using the same aluminum oxide crystals that Amera’s founder used in her dentistry practice to file chipped teeth.

  10. Amera hand and body lotion doesn’t contain any alcohol or fragrance, definitely awesome for those who are sensitive to either.

  11. Im in danger of getting paronychia from biting my nails. i know its a bad habit.

  12. I learned that Acrylic Nails can be very damaging to your nails, even cause pitting in your nails.

  13. I learned that the products are fragrance-free, which is perfect for scent-free workplaces.

  14. I learned that their goal is to get people using a daily care routine with their hands and nails like they do with teeth, hair, and skin.

  15. I learned how important it is to keep your cuticles healthy and moisturized. I watched the video on how to properly push back your cuticles. I also like the fact that Amera is committed to using recycleable packaging.

  16. I learned that The Amera Nail File was developed using the same aluminum oxide crystals that Amera’s founder used in her dentistry practice to file chipped teeth.

    That is pretty neat!

  17. your post came at the perfect time for me-I’m frustrated with the lotions and creams I’ve been trying too. Would love to win this awesome prize package!!!

    I follow a lot of blogs and it is SO nice to have some giveaways in Canada…thanks so much!

  18. Created by a dentist… A dentist! If your hands are in my mouth I’m super glad it dries fast and is scent free!

  19. I learned it was created by a female dentist who noticed her hands rough and chapped!

  20. I learned that “paronychia is an infection at the site where skin and nail meet.” Didn’t know that, but I think I’ve experienced it.

  21. I learned that Many nail polishes and nail polish removers are toxic and can weaken nails!

  22. I haven’t heard of this company before and I was a little hesitant to try the body lotion until visiting their site. Not only was it founded by a woman but the body lotion doesn’t contain any fragrance or alcohol. Perfect for my sensitive skin. I thought $13.99 wasn’t too pricey…the one that I normally use is that price in the drug stores but a little cheaper at Costco. I would like to try this body lotion because I don’t mind paying a little more for quality and this sounds wonderful!

  23. Oh wow – I learned about Paronychia (new word for my vocab!) and also learned the proper way to push back cuticles.

  24. I’ve never heard of this company before but their product seems to work and being from Alberta I too have problems with cracking, dry skin (mainly finger tips & heels). I learnt that it contains no alcohol or added fragrance but that the foot cream has odor-fighting ingredients, very nice idea.

  25. I learned that in 1984 Amera was founded by a female dentist who was tired of accepting dry, rough hands and chipped, splitting nails, as one of her occupational hazards.

  26. I learned that you can get Herpes and HPV from the tools used to apply acrylics and gels.

  27. I learned that you shouldn’t file your nails back and forth as this can damage your nails.

  28. Like al of Amera’s products, Amera Hand and Body Lotion contain no alcohol or added fragrance so it is perfect for use in a professional setting to avoid allergic reactions.

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  30. I learned that it is important to keep your cuticles healthy by keeping them moisturized and pushed back.

  31. I learned that it was founded by a female, which I think is awesome as I am all about empowering women 🙂

  32. Seriously, a dentist created this? That’s insane! BUT it does sound like a wonderful product that we could use in this household!

  33. I really like that it has no fragrance. I often have trouble finding fragrance free products

  34. I learned that it is probably a well needed product line for all my nurse friends with their repeated handwashing and sanitizing!

  35. I learned that “health changes throughout the body that are otherwise invisible can often be seen first in the nails.” Interesting, got me examining my nails now!

  36. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and
    let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

  37. I sold Amera Nail Care systems back in 1983, and loved the line. Back then, a bottle of polish (lacquer) retailed for $7.00 which was tough to sell, but it lasted so long if the whole system was followed. Buffed nails, great stone file, and lovely creams. I see now that you can still order online. Fun. Give it a try ! Linda Wagner Brown , Spokane, Wa

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