{Almost} Wordless Wednesday | Canadian Beauty

If anyone knows me even a *little*, you’ll know that I can strongly say that I loathe winter. In western Canada, it gets bitterly cold with nasty winds that can freeze your inner core. Growing up, I used to love playing in the snow and did so – each and every day. Yet now, I avoid it at all costs. As Springtime approaches, I tend to smirk with good riddance at the white season. Happy to have survived yet another Canadian winter, with only daily grumbles.

Yet, when the snow falls and the icy blanket on the trees doesn’t go away for days – I have to admit, it’s absolutely breathtaking.
Well…let’s be honest here – for me, its beauty is to be
admired from the safety of a warm cover.

Beautiful yet wicked….
Yes, Mother nature – you do have a twisted sense of humor.


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