You’ll learn tidbits about me, through reading my posts.
Yet I thought it would be fun to make a list of 101 random things about me.
Here goes…

1. Sometimes we have cereal for supper. I’m completely OK with that.

2. My Twins were born by emergency c-section. Shortly put, one started pushing the other out causing a whole mess of chaos. The in-utero bully is still the bully of the other, to this day.

3. I am the youngest of 7 – an Oops a miracle

4. I have an intense fear of spiders – super intense!

5. Whenever at home, I wear PJ’s or Yoga Pants – I’m all about total comfort over anything.

6. I start many projects and never complete them. My to-do list will always be longer than this list

7. I wear glasses, sometimes contacts

8. I always sit cross legged in vehicles {when not driving, of course}.

9. You’d be lucky to catch me in a skirt or dress.

10. I still have my sticker book from when I was young

11. David Usher is my all-time favourite musician, ever. *Swoon* {‘St. Lawrence River’ gives me goosebumps, see video below}

12. Both my parents have passed, yet I know they are with me.

13. I have watched The Biggest Loser while eating potato chips.

14. I have a ‘don’t talk to me’ rule, until I have my first cup of coffee. I am a morning bear.

15. I am a complete sun worshiper, yet I live in Canada {?}

16. I have never skied beyond laps around the school, because they made me. I also refuse to ‘play in the snow’. Brrr.

17. Joan Jett will always be tops, and I’m not just saying that ’cause she can kick my a$$

18. I am very patriotic and love my country. Yet the extreme winters are enough to make me flee.

19. I know every single word to ‘Never Ending Story’ from watching it so much as a kid {including the background music}. It irritates people who watch it with me, and that makes me laugh.

20. There was a time when I considered myself a ‘twi-hard’. I even met Chaske Spenser’s family. I’m over it now.

21. I used to drive a Minivan, and I didn’t mind – until I got back into a luxury SUV. Like coming home!

22. I love thunderstorms, the louder and fiercer – the better.

23. I went on a student exchange to France and Germany at 16. Yet, I think I was too young and naive to really appreciate the opportunity.

24. I tried knitting once. I now have a {14 ft long X 3 ft wide} winter scarf. And, that’s pretty much the end of my knitting.

25. Up until I was 19, I was a Ukrainian dancer.

26. I rarely make my bed I now make my bed each and every morning, and it feels great

27. I’m not nice to telemarketers. At all. I don’t care if it’s their job, it’s annoying and needs to stop.

28. … UPS and Fed-Ex seem to always wake the kids. Also, Mr. UPS – stop kicking my door instead of knocking. I’m ready to yell at you. But, you bring me presents, so I haven’t yet. It’s like yelling at Santa…I just can’t

29. I took Nursing in college

30. A pet peeve of mine is seeing kids walking UP the slide at a playground. It’s like driving down the wrong side of the road. Where are their parents?

31. I love the smell of rain, fresh cut grass and Joop! cologne

32. With the amount of ‘keepsakes’ that I have saved for my children thus far, I’ll soon need a storage unit to house it all. But not in the ‘Hoarders’ sense of collecting. Yet.

33. I don’t watch reality TV, except for Big Brother.

34. I had a Hamster when I was young…

35. …His name was Chip…

36. …Having him ultimately taught me the word, ‘Rigamortis’. BTW, I love that word, it sounds cool.

37. …I also adore the word ‘Mopar’. It sounds tough…

38. …yet, I really dislike the word ‘balloon’. Not sure why, it’s just awkward.

39. I’m not a good singer at all, but I sing anyway…

40. …When Isabelle was 2, she used to cover my mouth with her hand when I started to sing. Seriously.

41. I cherish the warm Christmas spirit {except when being trampled in the stores at Christmastime}.

42. I used to watch Y&R with my Mom everyday…

43. …After my Mom passed, I continued to watch it faithfully for many years. She would have liked that.

44. 3 days before Isabelle was born, I made 18 Apple Pies from our Apple tree….

45. …We don’t have our Apple tree anymore, so I don’t make pies…

46. …But I make one mean apple pie!

47. Daisies to me, are like the sun. I love them.

48. My choice of cuss word? Freakin’…

49. ….I also said, “Son of A…” a lot, yet I’d never finish the sentence. I stopped saying it one day when Isabelle finished the phrase for me.

50. Getting new appliances excites me…

51. …More than shoes…

52. …And more than handbags

53. I believe that ‘God can exist in many places at one time’ David Usher

54. My first concert was N.K.O.T.B – and no, I’m not pleased about that. But, I was at the time.

51. My dream is to go to Bali

52. The first time I seen the ocean was in Punta Cana, DR. It started my love affair for the island life.

53. …And I ‘visit’ these happy places in my mind, every day.

54. I am not a perfect parent, and have never claimed to be.

55. I have made many many mistakes in my life

56. ‘Alive’ by Edwin makes me cry, laugh and dream all at the same time {the amazing video is at the end of this post}

57. I became an Auntie at age 3

58. I am now a Great-Aunt to many

59. I’d do anything to help a friend

60. I am capable of forgiving, but never forgetting

61. I am addicted to Tim Horton’s

62. I have only one houseplant that I have not killed and it’s a hibiscus tree. I think that’s a sign that I was destined for the island life.

63. When I was young I had a paper route, so that each month I could get a new piece of Barbie furniture. Bless my Mom for teaching me about work ethic, to earn & save money and to appreciate my toys {oh, and for walking with me to deliver the papers, ’cause I was young and scared of those 2 really mean dogs down the street}

64. I have drafts of posts I started years ago, and never hit ‘publish’.

65. Carbs are my weakness

66. I dream of being a runner…

67. …And not the struggling runner, but one that loves to run {‘at this point I don’t understand how anyone can truly ‘love it’. I want proof that it’s possible.}

68. I hardly give my kids sweets, but love their excitement when I do

69. I enjoy blogging, but my kids come first. Always.

70. I have Photoshop, but have rarely use it…

71. …because I prefer original un-touched photos, as ‘imperfect’ as they may be…

72. …it’s almost like editing too much, distorts memories

73. I strive to have gorgeous flowerbeds every year…

74. …even if the kids destroy them continually

75. In a fire, I would first save my kids {duh!}…

76. …then my DSLR. My precious.

77. My Aunt lives down the street from the real Amityville House…

78. … I have never visited her. Maybe that’s why?

79. I love movie night with my girls. It’s our special time.

80. I cannot ever drink Wildberry Coolers again. Even the smell makes me gag. You can probably guess why.

81. I have literally ran from stores yelling, “Start The Car!” after hitting an awesome sale.

82. I love coupon stacking when I think of doing it.

83. I used to have an old Camaro with T-tops. It was hawt!

84. I’m an 80’s music lover

85. I only listen to Country while camping, They go hand in hand.

86. My Dad used to talk in Czech when he was mad.

88. I have never broken one bone on my body. Knock on wood. I broke my first bone, my little toe, while in Mexico just recently. #MexicoProblems

89. I have had a poem published

90. I cannot stand the phrase, “You have your hands full”…

91. …Or, “Double Trouble”

92. I have a Hypothryroid

93. I have one tattoo

94. I am fascinated with Airports, Flight and airplanes….

95. …maybe I’ll be a pilot when I grow up

96. I can’t roll my R’s…

97. …Yet would love more than anything to speak Spanish fluently.

98. I live in the same city which I was born

99. Before the Twins I worked for the government…

100. …caring for people with mental and physical disabilities …

101. …. I am now a WAHM-boss of 3 beautiful daughters, and love it more than anything!

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