4 Tips to Save Time and Money during the Holiday Frenzy

So why are you so stressed out when the gifts, gatherings, and traditions of the holidays are meant to be so joyous?

The Globe and Mail estimates that the average Canadian family spends just under $2,000 on every holiday season. Add in the time commitment involved in finding that special gift for that special someone and it’s no wonder people get overwhelmed.

4 Tips to Save you Time and Money during the Holiday Frenzy

Well, the following tips can help you save cash and give you more time to enjoy yourself.

1. WiFi is your friend

These days, online shopping has made buying gifts so much easier. You can find almost everything you need to delight your loved ones with the click of a button and the ring of a doorbell. Log on to your computer, pour yourself a hot chocolate, and settle into stress-free shopping. However, insurance broker Western Financial Group urges one piece of caution: understand the delivery process because you don’t want those extra-special gifts left sitting on the doorstep unattended.


2. Embrace social media

Product sales are great, although you can’t really count on them before Boxing Day. You can, however, seek out many special deals by following your favourite brands on Twitter, or by clicking ‘Like’ on their Facebook pages. This is how many companies release details of online-only promotions.


3. Take a vacation day

If you really must venture out to shops, here’s a secret: Weekday afternoons, before the holidays kick into high gear, offer an entirely different world full of uncrowded concourses and lighter traffic. If you are prone to holiday-related anxiety, it’s worth using a vacation day just to finish shopping and have a little “you time”.


4. Protect your gifts

Even though the gifts have been unwrapped and dinner has been served, you still risk unexpected losses. Unfortunately, theft does take place during the holiday season and it often involves merchandise that hasn’t been added to contents insurance, such as items that were just purchased and stolen from a vehicle. These include bigger ticket items like engagement rings and major appliances. To limit this risk, Western Financial Group suggests speaking to your broker to update your policy so that your coverage is sufficient for any major purchases or gifts.


More information on content insurance is available at www.westernfinancialgroup.ca



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  1. I’m all about number four. We were burglarized a few months back, and it was horrible. =(

  2. Awesome tips, very much appreciated. Im ready to go finish my christmas shopping, so Ill be surfing out some deals.

  3. Online shopping is the best. It’s so convenient. I just make sure I’m home on the specified delivery date.

  4. Great tips for lowering the stress level with youre holiday shopping. It can totally take the joy out of the season.

  5. I’m totally with you, online shopping is a huge lifesaver. I will pick up a couple things in the stores but the UPS guy pretty much hates me this time of year

  6. Great tips thank you! I have done most of my shopping online the last cuple years! I just get nervous because I am a procrastinator and last year I bought some Christmas gifts, and they came on the last day before Christmas holidays, thank god!! I prefer to shop at stores but then I hate the crowds! Thank god it only happens once a year lol

  7. I have done my shopping online the past few years, but when I do go in a store, it;s a week day!

  8. I just received the smartphone I purchased from Best Buy and can’t wait to take advantage of all of the apps available for saving money.

  9. I think social media has been awesome to get the word out about deals and coupons. I saw a LOT of great deals being shared Black Friday and Cyber Monday here in the states, tons of great savings!

  10. All great tips! I do a lot of my shopping online so I don’t have to fight the madness in the stores.

  11. I do actually get nervous that one of my kids might miss a gift on their doorsteps! I try to let them know exactly when they’re receiving a package.

  12. I do a lot of my shopping online cause i can’t stand the crowds. But if I can’t get something online, I will ONLY go on a weekday while kids are in school and parents are at the day job. I can’t stand crowds.

  13. great tips. Im aways worried about theft of the stuff I have in the car that was too heavy to carry.

  14. Great tips! Seems like I never have enough time or money! So I will definitely try to utilize these tips.

  15. This year i have done most of my Christmas shopping online. It is so much easier then going to the crowded stores.

  16. I agree, I have really started to use my smartphone to compare prices before I make a purchase that may be found cheaper elsewhere.

  17. These are great tips! I try to be careful of those Canada Post deliveries that are left at the front door!

  18. These are some good tips. Online shopping is great and can save money and lower stress.

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