To Kindergarden we go!

My daughter starts Kindergarten tomorrow! Eeek.

Yes, August 5th is early to start school. But, she is attending year-round school, which starts in Aug (and not Sept)

Of course, I am filled with mixed emotions.
Happy that she’s so excited to go and…well, don’t all parents look forward to the day when their kids start going to school all day!? Whoo-Hoo!
Of course, I’m terribly sad at the same time. I see her grow up more and more every day, saying and acting little a grown-up.
Kindergarten, really? What’s next, no kissing me in public? Pfft
Oh…see – now I understand the concept of this. It’s exactly like what I’ve heard about, up until now. {{sob,sob}}

Yet, she’s going. And I need to start getting into the groove of being up and ready, very early. Yep, I need to start organizing her backpack, and include essentials for all kinds of weather. I need to keep up to date with the school schedule, activities, special days and days off (I didn’t have that many when I went to school…!)


Hmm….this one has me a little stumped.
Of course, there is a fridge and very limited access to a microwave. If absolutely necessary, the kids can use it. But, it’s discouraged because there are so many kids and so little time at lunch to be heating up everyones lunch. Ok, I understand.
So…what do I send??

She’ll need a snack and a lunch.
I’m thinking fruitcups, raw veggies, crackers, meat and cheese sandwiches….and….??

I fear getting stuck in a lunch rut and sending the same things everyday.
Bad Mommy – turning her Baby into a life-sized piece of Bologna…(See, still holding onto my ‘baby’ here)

I’m asking you:

What do you send for School Lunches?
Any suggestions???


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