Homework in Kindergarten

Homework in Kindergarten? My daughter, who is in Kindergarten, comes home with ‘homework’ now and then. Mainly reading and letter-recognition – Easy peesy, right? Well, she came home from school with something the other day that totally threw me for a loop.

A very small brown bag and a note saying to put into the bag, ‘5 small household items that start with the letter ‘A’.

Pfft, we can do that!

So my daughter and I stood in the kitchen and looked around. And around.

AHA! An ‘Apple’. One down.

….hmmmm. An ‘Arrowroot cookie’! 2 down.

I thought of bigger items that couldn’t fit into the bag, like my ‘Apron’. And, I thought of a ton of items that I did not have, ‘Asparagus’, ‘Avocado’ ‘Acorn!’…oh yes, many feet of snow, darn winter got the best of me again….

Was I supposed to go out and buy some ‘A’ items?

Over the weekend, I looked high and low for small items that start with the letter ‘A’ and came up with nothing! I sent out Tweets on Twitter and messages on facebook.

Heck, I even did a google search.

Oh yes I did!….Wait, is that considered cheating in school…? And despite all my efforts, my searches came up with nothing.

Well, at least nothing kid friendly!

Sure, I thought of ‘Aspirin’, ‘Alcohol’, ‘Acetaminophen’, ‘Aerosol spray’….an ‘Axe’?

Yep, nothing that would put both me and my daughter in the good books with her Catholic school teachers!

The results of shout-outs on Twitter were much the same, “Alcohol, Aspirin, Aftershave, Antacids”

Really, this simple Kindergarten homework had me frantic all week long! My daughter thought it was funny and tried stuffed
anything and everything into that bag. I, on the other hand, took it more seriously. After all, this homework assignment could very well be the initial impression of all school homework that she will face from this point forward!

I pleaded with her to be serious about this, as she tried stuffing any old favorite toy in there. Where was that little ‘Ariel’ figurine when I needed it?

In the end, my daughter went to school with an Apple, an Arrowroot cookie, and the Ace of spades…only 3.

I was defeated by Kindergarten homework.

Oh no…. wait until we get the dreaded letter ‘X‘ bag sent home!

This Kindergarten homework is stressful!


**Favorite Comment:
Robyn said…

OMG – I teach Kindergarten. 5 household items which begin with the letter A that you can place in a bag?!?! I wonder how many parents sent in Astroglide Personal Lubricant!!!! LOL


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