TextYou probably have heard the product name Bumkins before. It’s been around for a while, since 1989 to be exact. It started as a company that made quality cloth diapers (which is hokidw you may recognize them) but then expanded their line to include bibs, aprons, smocks and bags. And now, they are a registered retailer for Dr. Seuss products. I particularly like this section of the store, there are some great clothes that I have my eye on for the twins! Through much experience and fantastic quality, Bumkins has proven to be a leader in fine baby products.

Text and LineThe Bumkins promise of quality runs parallel to the strict safety standards of kids’ products. Their items are free of toxic materials such as phthalate and BPA. And since safety is always my main priority when I consider products for my kids, Bumkins is right there in my recommended list.

kidIn 1991 Bumkins launched a product called the SuperBib, which became their best selling product and quickly earned the status of top selling bib in North America. I received the SuperBib, in the 3 pack to try out. It is the Girl Trend Set, and the 3 bibs that are included in this set are great! One, a trendy and chic design. The other, a girly flower and butterfly print. And the last, a cool rock and roll pattern. So, the colors impress me…But what was all the commotion about this bib anyway?

Most waterproof bibs which I have seen and tried, are a thicker plastic. Which are great in themselves and do the job; but are harder to work with, and some babies tend to fuss over a thick non-flexible bib placed on them (Ahem…Sophia). The first thing I noticed about the SuperBib iskid that it is waterproof fabric, and not plastic. This means it’s light and flexible and can fold up really small and take up little room in your diaper bag. Now, at this point I have tended to shy away from plastic bibs for the fact that they don’t soak up any messes (It just slides right down) The SuperBib combines the best things I love about both the plastic and the fabric bibs! The Superbib’s fabric enables it to soak up moisture, yet you can still wipe it clean with a cloth. (and is machine washable)

I also love the crumb catcher at the bottom, I always find cheerios in there and not on the floor. Bumkin bibs have the side Velcro closure, which is a must in this house. It makes it easier to put on, and more comfortable for baby. It is a generous sized bib that will last well into the girls’ second year. After using Bumkin’s SuperBib, I can definitely understand why it is such a hot item

 **Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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