Zutano is a brand of clothes that speaks to me in forms of fun fashion that is bold and fresh. At the root of the company is a talented Mom and Dad, whose creative style and dedication to excellence are evident in the look and style of the Zutano products.

The product lines are available to both babies, toddler and young children. Looking through he selection of specialty items, I see a common trend in versatility, comfort and strong colors. Parents and kids alike will love the possibilities in mixing and matching items in an array of fabrics from velour to cotton. Printed, solid, or stripes, each has a signature look that is both trendy and unique.

The Twins each received a Zutan outfit. The ‘Flower Time’ Sunhat and shirt, the ‘Lazy Daisey’ Sunhat and shirt and 2 Gingham Capri’s in pink and lime. The look of these 2 outfits just screams ‘summer fun’. Each set that I reveived is of a different pallatte, yet can be mixed with each other to have many outfit possibilities. There are actually over 15 items available in the ‘Lazy Daisey’ pattern alone. And the other prints and patterns offer the same outstanding options.

Made from 100% cotton, the shirts are soft. I particularly like the button neckline on the shirts. The pants are a wonderful Gingham print, allowing to be paired with so many tops. The hats are fun and a great shape for keeping the sun out of the eyes. I like the neck strap for keeping them in place too. The sizes are true to fit. My girls are in a 12 month size right now, and I received an 18 month size. So, of course they are loose right now, but sometime during the summer they will be a great size for them. Zutano has an emphasis on comfort and durability, all pieces wear and wash very well.

I enjoy clothing lines that include punches of bold and striking colors, and Zutano is the ideal example of this. Fun pieces that reflect what being a kid actually means. Cute and animated for babies and bold and trendy for older kids, the Zutano style seems to grow with their age.

You can see Zutano items on the site, and purchase at participating retailers such as Itsy Bitsy Boutique who carry the premier newborn and preemie clothing. There are additional Online Retailers who carry Zutano clothing. As well, use the Store Finder to find a local merchant near you.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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