Zellers is Closing their Doors … with a Festive Finale!

I’m pretty sure most Canadians have heard the buzz that Zellers is closing their doors, in transition for Target to hit the Canadian market. Usually in this event, stores switch quietly, yet “Zellers will actively shape the story of its transition,” says Debbie Ford, Senior VP, Marketing at Zellers. They are creatively letting their customers take an active role in the biggest {and last} seasonal sale and grande finale for Zellers stores.

On the Zellers Canada Facebook page, you can do everything from setting the sale prices of merchandise to picking the in-store music playlist. As a Zellers Facebook fan, you will also have access to exclusive offers and deals only available to community members.

It’s a fun and engaging way to not only start your holiday shopping {and save} but to also support a great Canadian company leave with a bang. So don’t cry Canada, Zellers isn’t – they are taking this opportunity to say thank you for all the years, and to give back to the people that made them such an iconic company. Take advantage of deciding the fate of the product {as in, how much you will save}. Saving when shopping is never a sad event! It’s a Festive Finale!

To promote their Festive Finale campaign, Zellers has a series of YouTube videos, and this first is hilarious. You have to see it…




    1. I don’t think so, Heather since Target bought the chain…and I was pretty sad too. Mainly just because we are being bought by another American company. What can I say, I’m very patriotic. But, it’s great to see that they have humor about it. They are taking a good approach…

    1. Yes! The guy talking about the holiday music in stores, “smother myself with a Zeddy doll”. Hahahhaa!!!!

  1. I might be the minority, but I never liked Zellers. Their stores in my area are always a complete mess. On the other hand, I love Target and buy a lot there (they have the best kids clothes for the value). I agree that it’s bad for Canadian economy, but Target is just so much better price and quality wise.

    1. We also have an issue with messy stores too, maybe they should have put more focus on that, sounds like it was a common complaint from all stores.
      You could snag a good deal there though!!

      1. hmm…. is it the staff making a mess? or it it customers? If people learn to put things back, then it wouldnt look like that.. You can only blame yourselves for those messes!

  2. I was thinking like Heather, that they were keeping some stores. Just sad to see the PURE line of clothing going.

  3. i am sad to see Zellers go aswell, but excited to see a new store come where i can shop

  4. I am also sad to see zellers go. Loved getting the SPC student discount on many things you don’t generally get on sale. Sometimes I think it was the reason I stayed in university for so long (and still continue to go part-time)lol.

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  6. I have been shopping at zellers before my first born.He is 29
    now.I am going to miss the store

  7. My 7 year old son cried when he heard zellers was closing its one of his favorite places to check out.

    I am sad to see it go to.

  8. I”m fed up as usual with the shopping trip at Zellers. There are too many games at the till. Example no you only get the bonus 15% off if you have a print of of the ad. Right…

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