1. Oh and they even had two cakes!!! That is awesome!! My brother and sister are twins and I just love the idea of twins. So adorable!!!

    1. This was the first year I made 2 cakes. I figured I may as well – they share so much, they shouldn’t have to share a birthday cake, right?

  2. Those are very cute photos. Looks like you all had a great time and how special of you to make each one their own cake! Not sure I would take the time

  3. I like the dual cakes. My husband shared a birthday with his older sister and they often had one cake with one side iced in blue and the other in pink. He said he hated that. I think two cakes is a good move.

  4. Oh heavens aren’t they adorable! Love the dogs on the cakes! I had to share my bday w/ my brother. He was 6 yrs younger than me, but his bday came 2 days before mine. I didn’t like sharing! LOL


  5. Good call on the double cakes, so important as they get older to make sure some things just belong to them that they don’t have to share! Might just steal the puppy theme for our twins’ 1st birthday – our girls are doggie-crazy too!

  6. 2 years down…hard part over? I can’t imagine having twins..what a blessing and hard work at the same time.

  7. Adorable! Happy Birthday! I am a twin and we always had 2 cakes each year. We both liked having our own cakes.

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