Wow…it’s really July


For the last year, I have wondered what July 2009 would be like.
And now, it’s here.

Why July?

Because this month my Twins turn 1….WOW.

We parents know that time really does fly,
but when you have twins it seems like days pass you by, even faster.
Looking back this last year has been full of every emotion, challenge and joy that I have ever felt. It has been spectacular!

In the coming weeks, I will be reminiscing on my Twins’ first year here on My Organized Chaos.
I’ll share the highest and the lowest moments, all the nitty-gritty! Why? Cause it’s my blog and I can! 😛
And, I also have some great companies and products lined up to share in the celebration, for example – some great party favors from Simply Birthday Stuff….oh, and all with chances to win, of course!!

I’m pretty bust planning and getting prepared for the grande celebration.
Yes, this Mommy makes birthdays huge! (Especially 1st birthdays!)


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