Wordless Wednesday with Linky ~ Sleepovers

30 minutes into a sleepover and my daughters’ room looks like this.

How often do your kids have sleepovers?

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    1. I think the worst is all the ‘craft projects’ everywhere. Great to do, but such a mess!

    1. It’s fun looking around after though, the things they come up with. See all the pipe-cleaner candy canes everywhere in the photo? so funny! I think I found pipe cleaners and feather for days afterward!

  1. My daughters room looks like that without inviting friends over for a sleepover. Yours is 30 minutes into a sleepover, my daughters looks like that 30 minutes after I’ve cleaned it lol.

    1. I think my twins will be like that when they are older. At least I have one naturally-tidy child? lol

  2. I completely understand! If I can make it through my boys sleepovers without stepping on some kind of transformer, hot wheel, or lego it is a good night!

  3. Girls, Girls, Girls… I guess that’s what I have to look forward to. LOVED them as a kid however.

  4. Mine’s too young for sleepovers, but when i was a kid my room looked like that all the time!

  5. Hi tammi! Yes we have girls who love sleepovers. They have one here every two months about. Yes their rooms look like this. My husband tries to hide when more girls join us. It is a scary and fun time for everyone!


  6. LOL! Yup, that’s about right! We don’t often have sleepovers, but when we do, they always take over our basement instead of just one of the kids’ rooms. Then the whole basement looks like this! HA! Hope it was fun.

  7. I had boys. most of the time their room looked like this before, during & after a sleep over! LOL… until they got older. sleep overs are fun, not messy 😉

  8. We haven’t had any sleepovers yet. My son is not the type to want to sleep somewhere else and he has no real desire to have anyone sleep here. It’s okay. One day he will want to.

  9. My youngest daughter’s room looked like that all the time. I bought her a sign for her wall & made her keep it there and it read, “GOD BLESS THIS MESS”!

  10. LOL looks familiar! I was bad for this when I was younger, my 12 yr old followed right after me with the same messiness! HA! She’s getting into cleaning mode though like I did at that age, so that’s a good thing, the mess doesn’t last for long!

  11. Hey…at least if you can identify the mess, it means it’s not usually there. 🙂 We used to play dress up in my mom’s and aunt’s old prom dress when we were little. Which of course meant dresses and various dress up accessories were everywhere. It was always messy, but also a blast. Hope everyone had a good time. Happy WW!

  12. This is so funny… I remember those days.. and now I am about to bombarded by my daughter and son in law for 10 days — which means all of his and her friends will be invading my space too…. And I just got to the point of enjoying being alone …. Oh well… messes are made to be cleaned up… right?

  13. My girls used to have sleepovers all the time. My boys not so much. But yes, their rooms would end up looking like this. =)

  14. Our playroom looks like this right now. And there haven’t been any sleepovers at our house. I keep thinking I have to clean it up (or at least help the 3yo do it), but then I think of something else I’d much rather tackle… sigh!

  15. Doesn’t take long, does it? I think it’s a sign that they were having fun!

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  17. Too funny I remember doing the same thing when I was younger. My daughter is only 1 and her room looks similar when we have play dates:)

  18. My daughter is 6 and her room looks like this whether a friend is sleeping over or not!

  19. Wow, they are having fun! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to have a sleepover!!

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  20. We haven’t had any sleepovers yet, but I remember having slumber parties as a girl and I am NOT looking forward to it! 😛 But I can’t let her miss out on that right of passage!

  21. So… yeah. My room kinda looks like that when I have trouble deciding what to wear for the day, I can’t even blame a sleepover lol.

  22. Don’t have any children (YET) but when my husband and I do we’re looking forward to being tired because of all the sleepovers they’ll have haha 🙂

  23. we do it every few weeks. Not too often. I suspect that will change over this summer though!!! I should get ready to clean…

  24. My kids have sleepovers at least once per month and it always seems like a mad rush to clean up their space right before the friends show up, but then after 10 minutes of them playing it goes right back to the mess =) . Sometimes I wish I could fold my arms, nod my head and wink to make it all magically fix itself.

  25. My daughter will be having her 1st non-family sleepover…for her 9th birthday party this year. I’m scared….

  26. my daughter is now 16 and she has sleepovers every weekend, and now its not just one friend, its always 2 or 3 and usually disastrous !

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