Wordless Wednesday ~ This Was Bound To Happen!


It was bound to happen….

I have hit ‘that stage’ with the twins.
The, ‘get that thing outta my face already!’ stage.
I pout.




  1. HAHA! I have that stage too,,, No pictures Mommy…..

    They are still cute 🙂

  2. Wow, I feel so much better that its not only me. My daughter usually screams “MOM NO!!!”

  3. It’s funny that they both are doing that! They catch on to each other fast I’m sure.

  4. This too shall pass. LOL I have a teenage daughter who’s back in this stage tho. Although she HAS been back there for a long time. My boys are still loving the attention!

  5. hehe mine all do that on occasion but then there are others when they say, “Are you going to take a picture of me and put it on the internet?” My heart grows two sizes.

  6. My twins are nineteen and every time they see me with a camera they either A. Run B. Make crazy faces C. Scream , “Mom, Don’t make my picture!”

  7. Awwww — Hopefully they outgrow it!

    My kids never did that, but they each went through a huge pasted on grin stage. (aka “Get this photo over with mom”).

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