Wordless Wednesday ~ The First Taste {with Linky}


Last weekend we hosted a BBQ with friends. The older kids had some pop {soda, for those who use that term}. My twins, at almost 3 years of age, hadn’t tried pop before.

At one point in the evening we heard a strange, “slurrrp….*cough*, *cough*….slurrrp, *Ahhhh*”.

There, hiding almost under the deck stairs, was my little Sophia with a can of orange pop, stolen from one of the older kids.

Held tightly in hands, looking in all directions, she protected this can like it was ‘her precious’. Her twin sister stood watching quietly, shaking her head {see which one is the rule-breaker?}.

“SOPHIA!” I screamed trying to hide a giggle, “Do you like pop?”

She looked up, eyes huge, orange pop all over her face and down her neck and dress. “YESSSSS” she screamed, eyes bugging out.


I know, anything but wordless, but my WW posts never are!




  1. hahahahaha awesome! I am impressed that you managed to keep them away from pop this long! I had a certain family member (aka their dad) give my kids sips of pop way too early. 🙂

    1. Maybe that’s the trick – a family friend gave my oldest pop and beef jerky at about 18 months old – so yes, I think it’s all in who you are around!
      lol – it’s all good though, made for great stories!

  2. Oh my gosh how funny! My 3 yo loves to sneak a sip of soda when he has the chance. They’re too smart for their own good.

  3. My kids say that pop is spicy! They still drink it. I rarely give it to them though. It’s mostly water and milk at my house. Sounds like it’s that way at your house to seeing that it’s her first time sneaking it! 😉

  4. oh how funny!! Now that she has tasted the divine, she will never go back! LOL

    btw – I love your new WP blog!! Please forgive me if you have had this for months. But seriously, this is lovely, so clean and pretty. I loved it before, but this is wow!!

    1. Thanks so much!! I’ve always been on Thesis but recently got a new header and a few bits. That was the look I was going for – so thanks!!!

  5. Isn’t it fun to catch them. She looks likes she’s having a “my precious” moment, although she looks happy and not scary.

  6. My daughter LOVES soda too! She doesn’t get it often, but she sometimes sneaks cans into her room, or slurps the last little bit out of a leftover can (gross!).

  7. OMG…..so busted! LOL, but so cute too. My 18 mos. old got a hold of my root beer the other night….first her eyes bugged out of her head, then narrowed and she frowned right at me. I just know she was thinking “you’ve been holding out on me!”

  8. OMG!! That face, that beautiful orange face LOL

    My oldest likes pop but my youngest (almost 3) doesn’t like how it fizzes. She’s a chocolate milk gal

  9. Aww.. the “forbidden” drink tastes all so sweet to little kids.. I too have tried to keep my boys off soda for the longest time before they had a taste of it..luckily they are not really into it..they prefer milk and water.

  10. These pictures are priceless!!!! I love that her twin was disapproving of her sister’s mischievious behavior. Hahahaha!!! I’ve often wondered what it will be like when DS has his first taste of soda. Obviously, most people enjoy it – but it’s an acquired taste. That will be funny.

    1. It took me 2 days to get the orange stain off her face! So funny!
      And yes, her quieter, delicate and less rebellious twin sister just stood by and shook her head. Ha!

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  12. Too funny. I managed to keep my boys away from it for a long time also. Now they are much older and they get it as a treat once a week. 🙂

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