1. Oh no!!
      My daughter did that to the basement, all.of.it.
      Ya…didn’t think to take a pic, all I saw was red….

      Did It come out?
      Most of mine did with a magic eraser…

  1. Awesome! Was she playing “makeup”? LOL

    Thanks for linking up with me, and thanks for the linky. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. lol! My daughter did the same with paint while I was trying to put together her Father’s Day gift…but on her whole face….lol…they’re too fast!

  3. hahaha! Caught in the act! I love the expression on her face. Priceless!

  4. Oh my!!!!!!!! We haven’t had a kid do that yet. Same with hair cutting. Mica did cut a giant hole in his shirt at preschool last year.

    She does look cute! So fun that she thought it was makeup!

  5. Oh boy. Looks familiar…have lots of pictures like this one but we weren’t so lucky. Darn Sharpies! (Darn kids!) Happy WW!

  6. Yes, thank goodness for washable markers… or she’d be the youngest person to have a mustache! lol :p

  7. Wow. Yeah, today I found felt marker on my tan leather couch. A couple days ago it was sharpie on the dining room table. That’s the one thing all kids have in common, isn’t it? Drawing on anything with whatever they can get their hands on!

  8. I love how they manage to look instantly non-chalant when they get caught!

    Great photo that will make you smile from now until the end of time!

    (sometimes the washable ones are not so easy to clean off after all!)


  9. I love the deer in the headlights look on her face. Oh my daughter has done the same thing, except it was with my makeup and not markers. I have started storing my make up super high up…..hoping she doesn’t learn to climb.

  10. Oh my gosh. That’s hilarious. I have to keep this open and show my hubby when he gets home. He’ll appreciate that. Lol. Aren’t they great when they’re that age? Catching them when they’re teens, like I’m in the midst of, isn’t as funny cause they do wayyy worse stuff. Ugh!

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