1. Gorgeous Fall colors. I should start snapping photos around here! The color change has finally hit central MN.

  2. That’s gorgeous! Our leaves are just BARELY starting to even begin changing colors.. I can’t wait to take some fall pics.

  3. B-E-A-UTIFUL… really. I wish we experienced leaves changing colors here in Cali. Not to mention that it is far from Fall kind of weather. We have had 100+ degree weather. YUCK!

    xo, Alysha

    p.s. I would love to invite you to come join my linky too. 🙂

    1. I do like the Fall Leaf colors, Alysha – but, I’ll take the weather in Cali any day!!!
      Wanna trade places?

  4. I adore Fall with all of the golds, oranges and reds! Its a bit bittersweet this year as its almost a year since my mom passed and for her memorial we spread out beautiful leaves; she loved Fall also!

    I’m not looking forward to raking the leaves up off of my dad’s lawn though!!


  5. love the colours but it’s also a sign of winter after that so not looking fwd to cold weather. atleast hong kong is not as cold as UK or other parts of the world 🙂

  6. i cant wait till we get to that point of fall. we still have warmish temps and rain here in NYC gonna be 77 degrees today, thats kinda warm!

  7. Wow. Those colors bring back memories of just 3 years ago when I lived in Charlotte. The Fall colors were just beautiful. Now I’m in Texas and well… it still looks like Summer. lol Happy WW!

  8. Gorgeous. We don’t get those great color changes in California…still “all Green”.

  9. Lovely pic. I need to remember that fall is my favourite time of year and find the energy to get out there and enjoy it.

  10. Happy WW! What a beautiful picture! My hubby is missing the leaves turning right now. It is still a little too warm here for that just yet.

  11. So pretty. I’ve sucked up leaves in my driveway already once. Our neighbor’s tree sits right over our driveway. How convenient!

  12. I wish our leaves would turn those lovely autumnal shades here in OK as the usually just turn brown right away and then fall off the tress covering the yard in preparation for winter.

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