Wordless Wednesday ~ Paradise & Palm Trees {Bliss}


We’ve only been back for a few days, but I’m still dreaming about the beaches of Santa Clara, Cuba. Pristine is a good word to use…breathtaking too. As well, our resort was the only one on the entire island, so the beach was never crowded, never too loud. You couldn’t help but to feel like you are the first one discovering this beautiful piece of the earth. {Bliss}

And I have to give a huge thanks to my dear friend, for the fabulous pedi.
She airbrushed little palm trees on my big toes for my vacation, and they still look great actually.

Did I just post huge close up photos of my feet on the internet?
Yep, I rock the vacation toes…. 🙂




  1. great photos! makes me want to go on a tropical vacation too. Not to mention, the pedi is beautiful!

  2. What an amazing photo! I love everything about it. Then the thing we would’ve missed, your palm trees, get a close up!

    1. Not close enough? lol, did I mention that I have ugly toes?
      OK, I’ll tweet out a *really* close up then…
      you are warned…..{eerie music}

    1. Believe me, going from -20 in Canada to +35 everyday in the scorching sun was a shock to my system.
      Totally Not complaining at all – I loved it.
      But, I slathered the sunscreen every hour and I am very brown.
      Thank goodness I didn’t burn!

  3. I like your polish. I wish to be on a beach someday. Wyoming beaches are pretty sparse.

  4. I’ve always gotten a lot of “hits” when I post pictures of my toes! Your photos are lovely…I’m ready for a vacation now!

  5. Awesome pictures! The first one looks like it belongs on a postcard. The second one… well, you rock them vacation toes! I have been to Cuba four times, always stayed in Varadero. But this Santa Clara sounds wonderful. How was the food?

    1. It was my first time in Cuba, 4 times – wow!!
      The food wasn’t as bad as I had pictured. You know, people always have something to say about Cuba and the food. If anything I did notice a limited selection. Though there was plenty for us, I’d say there is about half the selection compared to other resorts.

  6. Thanks for stopping by from UBP11! I’m so jealous of your WW! Especially when mine is my little girl crying! Following you! 🙂

    1. Nice!!
      I haven’t been to Veradero yet, but I’m sure we will someday.
      We try not to visit the same place twice, too much of the world to see!

  7. Love the nail polish. Cuba seems so beautiful it makes me sad that I can’t visit. There is hope for the future though.

  8. Love those toes!!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Glad you had a good time.. You deserve it!

  9. i’m so jealous just looking at your toes in the sand!!! love the palm trees, tell your friend they are the cutest thing i have seen!!! i cant wait til summer and warm weather gets here!

  10. Oh. Dear. Lord…..


    Seriously, I’m drooling a bit O.o

    It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I’m glad 🙂 And yes, you definitely rock those vacation toes and feet! Hehe.

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