Wordless Wednesday | Oh Yes, We Did!

I wonder how many times since then I’ve said:
“Stay away from the tree”, “Hands off the tree”, “Leave the tree alone”
and “Don’t make me call Santa! – away from the tree!!!”

Is it Christmas yet?




  1. LOL I put the decorations up as late as I can and removed them as soon as I can without causing an uproar.

  2. I’m so glad my kids are older now! LOL Well, now that I think of it, they do like rearranging their ornaments. Oh, and there are the cats! Nevermind. I’m sure I say the same thing!

  3. Man, I almost dread putting up our tree because of that. I just know I’ll be repeating all of that too! I love the “Don’t make me call Santa!” I might just have to use that one. Cute pictures!

    Thanks for the linky. Happy WW and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m sure you’ll have to say all those things many more times over again! We have yet to put our tree up. Soon! I have to get on making Christmas cards too! The list keeps growing.

  5. Bwahahahaha… Hubby’s been deployed for my gremlins’ first three Christmases.. This will be his first one home, and our first tree… I can’t even IMAGINE… Thanks for sharing.. ~(= .. and happy WW

  6. Hey Tammi, thanks for stopping by! No baby yet. We’re scheduled for December 6th though! 12 more days. I have kind of dropped off the face of the earth the last couple weeks.

    Did you use plastic ornaments or are you a risky glass ornament kind of gal? lol

  7. WOW! you are GOOD! I can’t believe that you have your tree up already! Seems like the kids a super excited about it too! LOL! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  8. Beautiful! And yup I slightly regreted putting it up after as well..lol but when I turn the lights on at night it makes it all worth a day of yellling Don’t touch!

  9. I expect my youngest will be an ornament stealer this year 🙂 I plan on waiting as long as I can before decorating!

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  11. YES!!!!! We always decorate over the long Thanksgiving weekend (in the U.S.)…. not sure if we’ll get the tree this weekend, but the lights outside – oh yes! 🙂

  12. I decorated my tree this weekend, I couldn’t wait. My daughter keeps taking this bell ornament off and singing Jingle bells. Yours looks great!

  13. Ha! I can totally relate. I was too lazy this year to be the Christmas tree control freak I usually am, so the tree isn’t even that great. I still worry about it! Three kids and two cats can smash a lot of ornaments.

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