Wordless Wednesday ~ Miss Maker {Linky}

On one of Miss Isabelle’s last trips with her Sparks Troop, she went on a tour of Home Depot.
She made a darling little bird house! The man leading the girls said she needed no instruction and is ‘quite the little maker’. Her proud smile says it all!

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  1. I love this Home Depot program!
    And when my son makes his own thing, I take a pack and follow the instructions so at least one of us has the right finished product!

  2. Oh that is so cool! I love that she is so crafty already! 🙂
    And goodness, Tammi, she is your TWIN!!!

    1. Ha!!
      I’ll come too and help.
      But, we are in canada {LA – I wish!!}, but worth the extra 5 hours on that 14!

    1. They had so much fun! And, it’s a great activity for them.
      I’ll be sourcing what other places have things like this, great learning day!!

    1. I know, the apron is just adorable!! I suggested she wear it helping me garden.
      I got the eye roll, sigh and a, “MOM – it’s for building, not gardening – can I have a hammer?”


  3. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take my kids to a Home Depot workshop. After seeing your pic, I may just do that!

  4. GREAT JOB on that birdhouse! She should be proud. Stop by the Zoo and link up we’d love to have you visit.

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