Wordless Wednesday ~ Is Your Dinner Boring?

My girls have only fell asleep during meals a couple of times,
but it’s so cute when they do!





    1. Ha, well… ya, not so much of that here either. They are too picky at meals and like to party all nite long!

  1. I remember those days… we used to just recline the chair and let them be (I have twins too, they’ll be 6 next month!!)

    1. 6…..wow, that seems so far away.
      But, I know it’ll be here in no time.
      You made it through toddlerhood with Twins, there’s hope for me yet!

    1. That is so funny! But yes, I had to keep an eye on that fork so it didn’t…well, you know.

  2. Adorable! Mine did it a few times when they were little too. I may even have a pic or two somewhere. That can’t be comfortable but they’re so “bendable” at that age that it doesn’t seem to affect them.

    1. I didn’t look at it that way. A silent customer is a happy one, right?! I DO make one great supper!! lol

    1. My Twins were the same way. Actually, each of them has only fallen asleep twice in a highchair and once on the couch – that’s it. I thought I’d never get a photo of them sleeping, so I’m glad I finally did.

  3. I have so many pictures of Little Man sleeping in his high chair. It is the most adorable thing ever.

    1. Ya, she isn’t moving…so one pic should have been easy, right?! This is just one of 17 pics I took of her… shutter-happy much? I’m so thankful for digital!!

      1. No no.. we need it from every angle. Don’t worry I get it 😉 I really don’t know what parents did before digital came along.

  4. Hahaha! My guys have never fallen asleep during dinner…not to say they havnt fallen asleep at other silly times…like on the toilet 🙂 super cute

  5. Hey, it’s Kat here. (he he just messin’ with ya)

    That’s funny. My kids are such chunks, dinnertime is the one time you’ll never ever catch one falling asleep.

      1. Don’t feel bad, it happens all the time. I always wished my name was spelled with a K but my parents were all into traditional. Gag!

        1. Well there ya go, I officially call you Kat from now on…lol
          And, try ‘Tammi’, that has always made me gag a little.
          {no offense to all the Tammi’s out there… ;)}

  6. LOL! Aww I keep waiting for Charlie to fall asleep at dinner {or any meal really!} and she’s yet to do it. *sigh* Love this shot 🙂

    1. That’s what ‘no naps. gives me.. super SUPER cranky kids that drop right at suppertime. One more reason to like naps. lol

  7. I don’t know if my kids have ever done that. They hardly sleep in the car too.

    She must have been tired! Such a cutie!

  8. Oh No! My two have fallen asleep at the dinner table plenty of times… I didn’t realise that meant i was boring them ;0)

  9. Awwwww…Too cute! All 3 of my children have fallen asleep in the highchair at some point. It’s a rite of passage. 😉

  10. Oh Wow. I’ve NEVER had a child fall asleep at a meal before. Now that I think about it (after our crazy dinner LAST night), I kinda wish they would. 🙂

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