Wordless Wednesday ~ Hello, Friend


I just spent a long day flying across Canada, I went from Alberta to Toronto. The once stranger of a city is now a place of comfort and familiarity. Coming to Toronto is like going to visit a good friend. So, this is what I see tonight:

And, this is where I sleep tonight:

Though I don’t sleep very well when I am away from home,
let’s hope tonight I do. I could use a good nights’ sleep.
And, maybe even sleep in too!




  1. Well, it looks like a comfy bed, but I know how you feel. I bring my own pillow with from home. That seems to help me every time. Have a good time in Toronto. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    1. I meant to do that too, I get such a sore neck from hotel pillows.
      But… I forgot…

  2. I’m about to become a flight attendant, I’ll be sleeping in hotel rooms across the world!

  3. That is a great shot of the city. That bed looks comfy to me. I love staying in motels/hotels. I don’t get to often enough but sure enjoy when I do.

  4. I love Toronto! It seems odd to me, as a small town girl, that I feel so comfortable and at peace in such a big, busy, city.

  5. Hi Tammi, can you delete #17? I entered my link WW this morning in a hurry on the way to a prenatal appt. I got home and the screen was still up. I realized that the BecoPotty Giveaway (which I was also entering into linkys this morning) was entered instead of my WW. I just added my WW (#34) now.

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