Wordless Wednesday | Frozen

Last week we were blasted by fierce snow and bitter cold wind and it won’t let up. After the last month of very mild weather, this deep freeze is hitting me hard. As you know, I’m not a huge fan of our long frozen winters here in Canada. I long for sun and warmth and know we won’t see it here for months. Many months. So, I have been filling my ‘spare’ time with research on where to go, to escape the cold.
Any ideas? Have a favorite vacation destination? Please share.

Even discussion may warm me up!!!





  1. Myrtle Beach! But even that is best enjoyed in the spring and summer months. So, I would suggest Jamaica!

    1. Rural schools have been closed for days. Never in the city though! Yet if it keeps up, I won’t be able to drive my daughter to school unless I go out and buy a tank!

  2. Sorry can’t relate I’m here in Sunny S. Florida LOL
    I do however wish I was back home in NY enjoy that snow if that makes it any better.

    1. Ahhhhh, Florida….*jealous*
      I would adore living somewhere that never seen snow.
      The grass is always greener, right?

      Thanks for commenting, Crystal!

  3. Ick! No thanks. We have enough here. Actually, we have about a foot of snow on the ground but I was just commenting to a friend today that this winter hasn’t been bad!

  4. Tahiti is my dream vacation destination. Or any one of those lovely all-inclusive food, drinks and nannies included resorts. Or a Disney cruise. Anywhere warm. 🙂

    1. Tahiti and Fiji is my dream…but that’s saved for when the kids are older! And, it’s very $$, but for reason – they are breathtaking places! I love all-inclusive too, this mama needs a break from cooking and cleaning!

  5. Oh dear, that is a lot of snow!
    We have a HUGE one coming tonight around midnight. Happy Digging to us. 🙁 lol

    1. Yakini, that is from 2 days! When it snows here, it snows! I have had the biggest problem driving in it! Bearing down for another storm in a couple days, a vacation could not come soon enough!

    1. We can’t wait to take the kids to Disney – yet we need to wait until the Twins are a bot older I think. It’s hard to decide, since you want everyone to have fun. Yet we don’t want to wait too long b/c of our 6 year old. NOW would be the perfect time for her, but the twins…. always a hard choice!

  6. Even down here in Florida, it’s pretty darned cold! Warm memories include Marco Island, which was way down in south Florida. Gorgeous beach area – and so very hot in July – can’t hardly recall how anxious we were to strip down to the bare minimum to deal with the sweat!!

  7. I live in So Cal. It’s been 37 degrees every morning for a while. That’s cold for us! At least you have a lot of snow. I don’t mind the cold if there’s fun snow to play in. And the kids can still get to school…..

  8. Brrr… it feels so cold just looking at the picture. I haven’t really experienced cold but I’m sure it can be rather intimidating seeing so much White.

  9. We just got a dump of snow last night. But unlike you, ours is almost gone thanks to rain. The joys of Vancouver 🙂

    I dream of taking off to Hawaii…ahh sandy beaches and pina coladas

  10. I have never been away in the winter. Maybe someday?!

    Didn’t you go to Mexico last year?
    Snuggle up and stay warm.

  11. It looks so cold! But it is pretty. I live in South Texas. Snow is VERY rare here, but my son has been wishing for snow all winter.

  12. I’m very much with you right now, although I bet you’ve got it much worse then us right now! Either way, I want warmth too! Like NOW. I really can’t give you any ideas on where to go because I haven’t been to many warm places except Florida and even they’re having cold issues >.<

    Good luck though!

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