Word-full Wednesday | Packing For Mexico


I started packing for our family trip to Mexico {think Griswold’s Latin Vacation} about a month ago. And, time has passed so quickly. We leave for the gorgeous Barcelo Mayan Palace this weekend, and last minute arrangements are quickly being made.

This is what I have packed so far:

A plastic bag filled with assorted luggage

That’s 3 suitcases, 2 carry-ons and my laptop/Portable DVD Player bag.
This is for myself, hubby, my oldest daughter and the Twin toddlers.
I have everything packed but Hubby’s clothes, toiletries, cameras {yes that is a ‘s’, I love my photos!}, favorite Teddy Bears for the girls and a few items that I still need to shop for {including suitable attire for the destination wedding we are attending}. I even have clothes set out for us to wear, for when we leave to catch the plane.

In the next couple of days we still have to get haircuts and Mom/Daughter Pedicures.

We are all so thrilled to leave the chilly Canadian winter behind
and catch some beautiful sun.
Yesterday my daughter was sitting on our staircase, with her coat on and Hannah Montana suitcase in hand. Think she’s excited?



  1. HOLY MOTHER LODE! I am ROFL at your packing…we were separated at birth my love! Have so much fun…I am going to miss you terribly!

  2. How exciting!! I don’t know how you can’t pack a whole lot when you’ve got kids.. I always have a TON for weekend getaways!! Is it their warm time of year? I’ve heard when it’s not the wind can get chilly at night?
    Have a fantastic time!!

  3. Packing packing packing. I’ve started already for NEXT week, Saturday.
    I’ll miss you on Mingle Monday. 😀

  4. Oh wow-Vacations are wonderful, yet dreaded happenings all at the same time. While you want to get away and relax, you have to stress out beyond comprehension to even GET to your destination before you can think about relaxing.
    Ugh. Ah, blessings and curses. Lol
    I hope you all have a wonderful time though!!

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