Wonderstruck Perfume by Taylor Swift

“I wrote the lyric, ‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home,’ for the song ‘Enchanted’ about the first time you meet someone. A fragrance can help shape someone’s first impression and memory of you. It’s exciting to think that Wonderstruck will play a role in creating some of those memories. Wearing perfume is such a unique way to create memories. Like songs, a scent can take you back and allow you to relive a moment in time.” – Taylor Swift

Wonderstruck Perfume by Taylor Swift is an eau de parfum spray that draws on the flawless beauty of freesia, apple blossom and raspberry, which mingle with a sweet surprise of blissful vanilla, sun drenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus, closing with motes of golden amber, sandalwood, and a kiss of lush peach {100ml, $78; 50ml, $63}.

The line also includes lotion, rich and silky, to enchant your skin with velvety bliss and leave behind a trail of sweet indulgence and romance. As well, a charming bath gel that sparkles with vibrant fruits, soft petals and a touch of sweet indulgence.

For those that like smaller bottles of fragrance {great for travelling!}, try the purse-sized rollerball of the fragrance {10ml, $22}.

All new product in Taylor Swift’s new line can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora, Sears, Murale and London Drug stores in Canada. 

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I can’t wear a lot of perfumes…most make my allergies go crazy. I received a sample of this from Facebook and found that I was able to wear it and it smiled WONDERFUL! I’d love to win. 🙂

  2. Id love to win because I love Taylor Swift and I love this perfume.. Thanks for the giveaway

    dalleykt at live dot ca

  3. I would like to win this for my 16yr daughter! She is the first to make a sacrafice for the family! She helps with the the baby 24/7 while dad is away at work! Even 3am vomit fest! She has a huge heart, is everyones friend, enjoys hanging with her sibs, wants to become a nurse and paramedic! She is an amazing girl!

  4. I owuld love to win this as I have smelled this cologne and I really like it and would love to wear it.

  5. I would love to win so I can give it to my niece who is a huge Taylor Swift fan. I would gift it to her for her grading gift.

  6. I would love to win because i would love to try this perfume

  7. My little sister is a huge Taylor Swift fan! I would love to give this to her for her birthday:)

  8. I love perfume and love to smell good. I like to wear a different fragrance everyday and this would fit nicely in my collection

  9. I would like to win because my daughters are huge Taylor Swift fans and would love to have this.

  10. It sounds like a delicious scent, and perfect for summer. Not too grown up and musky for a young adult like me, but not sticky sweet like many body-sprays.

  11. I would really like to win because I am a fan of Taylors and I would love to try her perfume.

  12. I would love to win to experience this new scent by Taylor Swift.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  13. I would love to win this giveaway for my daughter. She is the hugest Taylor Swift Fan 🙂

  14. I would want to win this because it smells amazing and I’d love to own it so it could be my signature scent :).

  15. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve changed my perfume, and I could use a new scent! Maybe a good Mother’s Day gift?

  16. Taylor is my idol. I’ve been dreaming about buying / getting the perfume – it is the only one I am willing to wear! It has a wonderful smell and I’d love to have it 😉

  17. I haven’t bought perfume in a long time so it would be nice to try this and see if I like it. I used to wear perfume all the time, not so much now, but would love to start again.

  18. I would like to win because I have been using the same fragrance for years and it’s time for a change.

  19. Taylor Swift is a great song writer, her perfume sounds fresh, fun and free would love to win it for myself and to share

  20. it is nice to be able to try put a perfume without having to purchase it

  21. I’d like to win because I really admire Taylor Swift and how graceful she handles her career. I’m sure her perfume would be just as sweet! 🙂

  22. I already have a bottle (and love it!) and it is running out so I’d love to win some!

  23. I have never seen this scent before, and knowing Taylor Swift it has got to smell wonderful. would like to try it.

  24. It would be lovely to share this with my 12 year old niece….she’s a TS fan.

    Thanks, Lisa

  25. I’d love to win because I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan and I’ve read a lot of comments on youtube/twitter/facebook that say that this is an amazing perfume so it’d be amazing to have it. xox

  26. I would LOVE to win because, I have no perfume or body lotion left, and I would LOVE to try this.
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

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