1. lol, yep leave it to your girls to put on pretty dresses to shovel the snow, love it!

    1. I know, right? Isabelle and I had a conversation the other day – she wants to go to a ‘uniform school’ since chances are they have to wear skirts to school everyday… just like she wanted to try various dance classes, just to get the shoes! lol

  2. What gorgeous girls you have! Little snow angels for sure!

    Happy Holidays!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  3. Wow…Is that now? I can’t imagine….it is 72 degrees here tonight.

    Great Shots!!

  4. Adorable Pictures! All the snow melted here! I have to admit that this is definitely not what I was expecting. Also, absolutely love the pouty face!!!!

    1. Believe me Kristen, it’s a teaser! You think it’s Spring and it hits again – and stays for half a year. Welcome to AB!!! Brrrr.

  5. Thanks for stopping by…thought we were int he same city…you are a little North…poor thing…LOL!

  6. Ack my eyes its soo bright:( Nice they wanna help you out that’s sweet but I’m sure they play in it more. I gotta shovel that evil white stuff alone *sniffs*

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  8. My daughters are hoping we get snow soon. But we’re having a freakishly warm Thanksgiving week. Cute pictures!

  9. We have winter too, in my northern ontario. The children look like they are enjoying the snow and the shovelling. 🙂

  10. wow look at the snow.. we are just getting our first snow fall today..
    I am in Nova Scotia.. Very pretty to look.. but that is about it..lol

  11. I’m so happy that snow hasn’t stuck yet here but I do love when the kids get to the age where they LOVE to help shovel the stuff.

  12. Love the pics and your girls are so cute..we just got our first snowfall today, I live in Montreal. Thank goodness I had my snow tires put on this past Saturday!

  13. Your kids are so cute!!! Wow, snow! Hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving!!!! 🙂

  14. Oh I’m kind of jealous.. only kind of.. 😉
    we have no snow yet!
    My favorite is the bottom right picture it made me smile!

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