Win $10,000 in the Dempster’s Great White Bread Taste-Off!


I really don’t think a day goes by that I don’t reach for a loaf of bread. As a Mom, the majority of those times is for sandwiches, but really, there’s so many options when it comes to sandwiches alone! Oh, and a little tidbit about me…

I still love making my Chicken Caesar Parmesan Sandwich recipe, and have to admit to using Dempster’s over sliced French more often than not. It’s just something I always have on hand, considering my preference and all.

Do you have a favorite recipe that calls for white bread?
If you do, that recipe can land you a whopping $10,000 prize!

Dempster’s is asking Canadians to share their favourite white bread recipes on their Facebook page, in the Dempster’s® Great White Bread Taste-Off!

The top 10 entries {as selected by Dempster’s®} will be judged and advance to the final Taste-Off to determine who will win bragging rights as Canada’s White Bread Champion and winner of the $10,000 Grand Prize!

Make sure to submit your recipe before 12pmEST on March 22!

And, just so ya know… there’s coupons and another great contest on their Facebook page as well. So, give them the almighty ‘Like’ and enjoy all they have to offer! #justsayin

Good Luck Everyone!


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, yet all opinions are my own.




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