Always Busted for Texting in School? Here’s Why!


This photo was shared by many of my friends this AM on Facebook. It’s hilarious, and very true!

Thought it would be a good chuckle to your day. And, a good reminder when you’re thinking that you can secretly check your phone, in a restaurant or other public place. #StopCrotchSmiling




  1. My banker did this the other day when we were discussing an RESP for our son!!!! I just kept thinking to myself – seriously? do you think I can’t see you?

  2. OMGosh, Tammi!! I was scanning my feed in FB and saw this funny texting thing and came over to get a better look. As soon as I saw your pic, I realized that I KNOW who you are!! Not sure if I knew that when I Liked you on FB! So hi!! It’s Dana from high school and our Europe trip! Whew, as soon as I thought of you and Europe, I remembered little Adam… We were so ridiculous! lol
    Hope all is well with you… Will have to look over your blog-o!

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