When you Need that Spot-On Help

Summer break is almost officially over, insert mixed feelings here.

I adore the summer months for the nice weather and endless things to do, but therein lies the problem. Working from home and the July and August months don’t mix very well. There’s a difficult balance between summer fun, keeping the kids entertained, and trying to sneak in solid chunks of work with all the interruptions.

Let me reiterate: All the interruptions.

I have the personality that includes needing to clean up messes immediately when I spot them. So leaving my office desk to re-heat my cup of coffee also means that when I spot bits of grass at the backdoor tracked in by little feet, I need to drop everything and clean it up. So my summer interruptions are oftentimes spot cleaning too many times a day to count.

This is where I’m so super thankful for the Hoover OnePWR Cordless System.

Ordinarily, I’d have to get out the big corded vacuum to spot clean. Yet with the hassle of that, I may as well do my whole kitchen. While it’s out, I should do the living room and hall. Bedrooms, yes.

Yet this month my saviour has been the Hoover OnePWR Cordless Hand Vacuum. It’s so perfect for quick and easy pick-ups around the house and on-the-go. It’s great for carpets, hard floors – you could even spot clean that spill in the car if needed. I recently used it to get dust off a household filter and a ceiling fan.

cordless hand vacuum

Using this cordless hand vac is faster and more convenient to grab instead of a full-size, and helps me limit the time that interruptions break my focus. Done and done, move along, there’s nothing to see here. Yes, I’ve cleaned but so quickly that it doesn’t suck a bunch of my time for other things.

This hand vacuum is lightweight, compact, and with a simple to dump dirt cup – it has a built in crevice tool that allows me to get along baseboard and even into the couch cushions. By the time my coffee is done re-heating, I’ve spot cleaned the back door rug, and then I’m back to life as usual.

hand vacuum

The Hoover OnePWR Cordless Hand Vacuum is just one product in the HOOVER® ONEPWR™ Cordless System. This range includes an innovative family of nine cord-free, powerful, and easy-to-use cleaning products that all share the same powerful Lithium-Ion battery. So you can pop in a battery for all products, without hunting for cords and charging to slow you down.

Shining a path in this spot-on help from Hoover OnePWR, is also the Hoover OnePWR Cordless Task Light. At an ARV of $29.99, it’s a price-point that is much like many flashlights, yet has one very attractive feature that separates it from the rest. It uses the same powerful Lithium-Ion battery as the others in the lineup.

onePWR task light

While the battery is sold separately for this one, and not included like the others, the Cordless Task Light wouldn’t necessarily be the first one anyone would get in the range, as it’s more of an add-on that is just as much a saviour as the others.

When it comes to performance, this LED light is bright and bold. Whether it’s been used in the backyard during our late nights outdoors, to camping this summer, ours has been used a lot. I even used it to look for a fallen object behind my freezer, instead of pulling the entire freezer out to see if it was there. Not to mention, having such a reliable one on hand is also a safety precaution.

task light

Every household needs a flashlight, yet no one wants to continually replace costly batteries all the time. I love that it uses the same battery I have on hand for my cleaning products – innovative indeed.

If you missed my Hoover OnePWR Floormate Jet post, read and catch yourself up before the next in my series is published, featuring the rest of the OnePWR range. As a reminder, I’m posting about them all, with so many chances to win.

The HOOVER OnePWR range is sold exclusively at Canadian Tire, yet you can also get them online at Hoover.ca and Amazon.ca.




  1. I’m spot cleaning wherever snacks are eaten, usually the living room when they watch tv or around the kitchen table.

  2. The living room is where I spot clean most often. I love peanuts and they do make a mess on the carpet and then there’s spillage from snacks that needs to be vacuumed up too.

  3. I spot clean the carpet the most – food spills mostly. I could really use one of these! Thank you for another awesome giveaway. Happy Labour Day weekend 🙂

  4. I spot clean the living room the most, where we all (dog and all) spend most of the time.

  5. The sofa & rug in our family room as we all get messy eating snacks for movie nights!

  6. I am always cleaning up crumbs from my granddaughters snacks, and any little messes from the dogs food!


  8. I spot clean the rug in the family room more often than any other place. The food and drinks that get spilled in there is unbelievable.

  9. I spot clean around any of the tables most often. Anywhere people have snacks, crumbs always follow.

  10. I have to spot clean on the couch where hubby watches television and often snacks on popcorn. The stairs are another place that need cleaned often since they get lots of use.

  11. The couch after my dog has sitting on it which she does whenever my back is turned.

  12. I spot clean the kitchen most often since i cook so often and i am kind of messy with getting stuff on the floor

  13. I spot clean the floor by the dining table the most often – after my baby finishes eating.

  14. The spot I clean most often is under the bar stools in my kitchen. My kids love to sit there to eat but always make such a mess!

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