When Life Gives You Apples….

When Life Gives You Apples, What do you do?

Last week was unexpectedly hot, and it was a common phrase that it was the last nice weekend of the year. And it’s true. As Sunday came, so did chilly weather that could have screamed, ‘Fall is Here!’. I looked in wonder {and admittingly, disgust} at the leaves changing color and falling to the ground. Yet, with the new season, there’s other things falling down as well – apples! And this aspect, is a good thing!

rolling pinIt is the season to can, juice, pickle and freeze all the fruit that has grown during the summer months. To me, there’s nothing quite like making Apple Pies this time of year. Yes, I make pies – and when I do, I make a lot of them. In fact, 7 years ago I was 9 months pregnant picking up apples off the ground. I then proceeded to make 18 apple pies. It could have been nesting {making dozens of pies? guess I couldn’t find anything to clean and organize!}. Yet, it’s a glimpse into knowing about me, that I have always loved making pies, from scratch. I always go for fresh fruit pies rather than fruit filling. And, I always make in bulk and freeze, than to just make one or two.

A close up of foodOne of my secrets to my apple pies is a good pastry. I use the basic and simple pastry recipe that you can find anywhere, yet the trick is to use cold utensils and bowls, and never work your dough too much. As well, use lots of apples for filling. I always use generous dollops of butter, so that the apples don’t dry out. And yes, I said lots of butter. For those that are watching calories and fat, look elsewhere. This is pie, and not a diet variety. If you want to really make it tasty and delicious, squirt caramel sauce all over the apples before you lay on the top crust. Mmmm. Butter and caramel – now I’m talking crazy! But, this crazy talk is from a trusted source, people literally pay for my pies.

So, as much as I crinkle my nose at Fall {since it’s the prelude to the hated winter months} I have to admit one bonus is stretching your baking legs and making use of that fruit falling to the ground. Best of all? Those with apple trees love it when someone offers to take their apples, so it’s usually free fruit too.

So, my favorite way to use Fall fruit is by making Apple Pies or Apple-Caramel Pies.

What is your favored way  to eat fruit in the Autumn season?


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