What is a Mom’s Work Worth?


Ever thought about ‘What is a Mom’s Work Worth’?

I have been so sick for well over a week, this cold has me in housecoat and clinging onto a box of kleenex with dear life. Even while at the Blissdom Canada Conference in Toronto, if you had a chance to open my purse you would have found a plethora of tissue. In between coughing and sniffling, I’m still folding laundry, cooking and trying to find some excuse not to kiss boo-boo’s. Yet, that’s my job and sick or not – I don’t get that sick day.

In my stuffy-head coma I thought of this infographic I stumbled on long ago, a reminder of what we as Mom’s do. Parenting is a payless job and though rewarding in itself, I know I can’t help but to daydream about being paid for the endless tasks I do in one day.

*sniff, sniff*
What cha’ think bout it?
{that’s not slang, by the way, my stuffed nose makes me talk that way, *cough*}


  1. I love this. I will be printing it for our refrigerator!!!! And maybe a copy for the calendar, the bulletin board and to hang in the shower!

  2. Dude, if that were the case, I’d stay at home no doubt. Instead, I work to pay the daycare and what’s left covers auto expenses and wardrobe. Figure that one out.

    With that said, I envy SAHM moms who make it look so easy. My first year of mat leave was so hard, I couldn’t wait to get back to work. And that’s when I had only ONE kid.

    Here’s a high-five for making it look so effortless! 

  3. So true…if only paycheques of those amounts made their way into our bank accounts! *sigh* But it’s certainly rewarding regardless.

    On another note, though…bummer about being sick! I call my husband at work when I’m feeling that way and tell him I’m calling in sick so he needs to come home…of course he just laughs and tells me he has to get back to work. HA! (though he is a superb help I have to say).

    Anyways…hope you have someone close by that can give you a wee break…wish I was closer – I could at least bring you some of my magical healing soup! (so delish)

    Take care of yourself!!! (ie. vicks all over…chest, back, throat, nose, and feet….with big comfy socks…..hydrogen peroxide in your ears (bubbles to get rid of infection)…and lots of rest (HA!)….)

    1. magical healing soup…..I need!!
      Today it’s almost worse, this cold just won’t go away, I don’t think I’ve had one this bad in a long time!
      Thanks for all the tips and support – you rock, woman!!

  4. The link is below for the recipe. Just use what you have on hand (I’m sure a grocery trip isn’t high on your priority list right now)….chicken bouillon works great too (if you don’t have veggie)….

    anyways, it’s delish and feels healthy which is so great! Walmart sells little jars of ginger that I use…

    hope you get better. ‘


      1. You clearly live in the wrong city….I’d have brought you a pot of it already AND taken the twincesses for a playdate or two….


  5. I had a tough time staying home when my daughter was a baby but I find it harder now that I’m at work and a single mom. I feel like I have 3 jobs sometimes. But I’m not complaining of course 😉 Hope you feel better!

    1. It’s hard, isn’t it?
      parenting with either working away or staying home, comes with it’s struggles.
      Only makes us stronger, right?
      hugs, woman – you are exceptional!!!

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