We just finished our Family Day weekend here in Alberta. It kicked off with some fantastic weather, which we certainly took some advantage of.



The rest of the weekend was a bit colder, so we spend most of it indoors: play, shop, eat, sleep, play, shop, eat, sleep. Repeat. Pretty relaxing! We also went and seen ‘Life of Pi’ in theatres yesterday. It was a great movie, very beautifully captured.

How was your weekend?



  1. Fab photos and your weekend sounded great to me heheh!

    Have a snowtastic week 😉

    1. Oh no! Did you find something else to do in the city instead?
      Which reminds me, I need a Costco trip soon!

  2. so great to have weekends to relax and spend time with the family, this weekend was all family for us as well, birthday party, indoor movie night, outside play day, baking cookies and cake (ohhh what a mess 😉 ), we did miss going down to the cities activity day at the park though, will catch it next year i hope. i love that you were able to take so many photo’s, i always forget about it till after we finish 🙁

    1. Sounds like a jam-packed weekend Sue!
      I’m way better at taking photos in the Summer, I get so bored of the same coat and hats and snow in every photo! lol
      Was just talking about this with hubby today, ‘I can’t wait for Summer JUST for more photo opportunities!!”

  3. Wow, it was on the milder side here for parts of the weekend but not “take your jacket off” mild!

    I always loved tire swings when I was a kid 🙂

  4. Beautiful pics there… I’d never heard of “Family Day” as a holiday – a good excuse for a relaxed weekend it seems…

    1. No, way too far West for that. This time, that is.
      Instead we get -40 degree weather sometimes. Ouch!

  5. Happy belated Family Day…looks like you had some great fun! {We don’t get a Family Day in NB, but Mother Nature decided we should have one and closed everything down!}

    1. Mother Nature decided you get family day too! Hope you were able to stay in inside and keep warm!

  6. Glad to see that you had a great weekend with your family! I haven’t seen a tire swing like that in years! They must have had a blast!

  7. It looks pretty! It’s been back and forth weather here. It was 45 degrees on Sunday. It’s supposed to blizzard tomorrow.

    Does Belle always wear glasses? She looks so nice in them. My 7 year old would be jealous. He wants glasses, so he can look like Clark Kent.

    1. Yes, she’s had glasses since November, for near sightedness. Yet, now that she’s dependant on them, her eyesight is worse. Boo! When she takes them off now, she looks so young!
      Your son could get fashion glasses, funny how kids these days think they are so great. Wait, does saying something like that age me?!

    1. You’re in luck Joyce, I have lots up for grabs!! 😉
      btw – I smile each time I see a comment from you, my Mom’s name was Joyce.

    1. I did that too, even tried a couple new recipes. Shopped too. Though nothing fun, for me that is. I love weekends!!

    1. We’re back to freezing our butts off too, very short lived. A teaser. Mother nature is so cruel!!

  8. Your daughters are beautiful! Sounds like a very nice weekend! 🙂

  9. I haven’t seen that movie yet, but the previews made it look beautiful. Looks like you’re having a great winter!

  10. We might be going to Alberta next year. We’ll see. We travel for hubby’s work so it is just in the maybe stage right now. I’d love to go when there is not snow though 😉

    Thanks for linking up today at Long Wait For Isabella. I appreciate your visit!

  11. such beautiful pictres, my kids won’t dare go outside to play, but then again this is our first winter in NY, from Ca lol 😉

    Thank you for hosting a linky, I have one as well, if you’d like to stop by, and there is also a link for a giveaway link-up 😉

  12. It was bitter cold here for Family day (we’re in Ontario, sort of close to Toronto… sort of.) I worked for the morning (double time and a half is too good to pass up) and then we did some cleaning, which sounds boring but always ends up being a fun family activity with us. We put on some music and sing and dance while we’re cleaning. And then we played a board game, watched some youtube videos together, and sat down to a nice family dinner (which I cooked in the crock pot so it would’t interfere much with family day). With our crazy schedules, we tend to all eat at different times whenever we get hungry, and we usually eat in front of the tv, so it was nice to sit down together.

    1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Even the work part, who doesn’t love a little double time and a half!
      Hope your week was just as great!

  13. Being able to take your coat off in the snow is a mild day indeed. We enjoyed Family Day by going north where it’s colder and they have more snow! 🙂

  14. We just had our first Family Day weekend previous to yours! It looks like fun was had by all.. Ours was very quiet, which is nice sometimes lol

  15. We had a really good Family Day just spending time together. Its really nice when we all have the day off to enjoy. We really did nothing special except have a relaxing day.

  16. I had a fantastic weekend considering why we did what we did. A few weeks ago we heard a very good friend passed away – only 45. How sad and leaving behind him, his 3 triplets – 6 year old little boys. It was a time to gather. All the group made arrangements, flew in from Oregon, drove up from Virginia, drove down from Vermont. We all met in Boston. We were the ones driving up from Virginia. 10 hours, but GrandPaul was only 2 more hours… so we continued on. This is where my boys spent all their time as we spend a day in Boston. Then we joined them for a day before heading back to Virginia. It was a whirlwind! But it was so worth it. The boys got to play and sled in the snow. Plus it snowed more while we were there! We usually only visit in the Summer. So this was a treat for all involved. I have to think that there was a message in the passing of our friend… don’t wait. Visit more often. I think there will be more Winter visits to Maine from now on.

  17. we spent our family day purging more things that are not of use to us, so we dont bring them to the new house. one week today and we will be in our new house, (without furniture) lol until the 4th. so excited and stressed at the same time.

  18. I can’t believe how fast the girls have grown in the last year. I love these pictures of the girls. Pleased that you enjoyed ‘Family Day’.

  19. That sounds like a really great weekend – eat, shop, play…. repeat. That’s my kind of weekend 🙂

  20. I miss Family Day! But, in it’s place, we have Rendezvous up here. It’s like a three day long family-friendly party, and the Friday is actually a provincial holiday. It’s pretty sweet 🙂

  21. Our snow is melting now–can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing. Love those fun photos.

  22. We are in BC so our family day was the week before yours- we took the family to some hotsprings! Glad you enjoyes yours too!

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