Weekend Staycation

This past weekend the family and I went to Calgary for a weekend staycation. My oldest was in a cheer competition, so why not take the opportunity and stay for the weekend?

Here are just a few quick phone snapshots from this weekend. A bit of randomness from much fun, food, laughter and shopping!


How often do you take little staycations?





    1. It was! We have one more competition left in the season, it’ll be a nice relief and sad at the same time. I find them really fun, so much excitement in the air!

  1. I could so use a staycation right now…after this incredibly long winter and a March break w a kid in a cast…

    1. Thanks Amber, they picked those out at the mall. Looks like they won’t be leaving their heads for a long time! lol

  2. honestly ,we haven’t ever really done one, but i would love it. maybe we should add that to our list for the summer 🙂

  3. It looks like you had such fun. I haven’d done a stay-cation before but it looks like it should be something worth looking into.

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun. The last time I had a “Staycation” was when I took my oldest back to school shopping at a mall about a half an hour from where we live. That was a couple of years ago. We stayed at a hotel close to the mall and spent the weekend shopping and relaxing.

  5. Sometimes it’s so nice to get away, even if you don’t have to travel far to get there. It looks like your family had some great fun!

  6. Oh how fun, looks like a lovely place to visit even when it’s not warm out. I love a little staycation, those are turning out to be my favorite vacations of all!

  7. I love staycations! I mean, I am close to Disney, so we do them often. Your time looks like it was fantastic!

  8. How fun.. sure looks like you guys had a blast.. We take staycations a lot, we are about 40 minutes from Downtown Disney and we head over to Kissimmee every few months and spend a weekend.. we just love to get away and don’t take forever to get there…

  9. That looks like a lot of fun. we hardly ever go on vacation, but I booked us one night in a historic hotel at West Point half an hour away from here for this weekend. I have been wanting to check it out for years, and they had a $99 deal. So off we go. Can’t wait.

  10. Calgary is a great place. We did the same thing as our children played soccer and baseball, all over the province. We always took extra time to be able to explore the area

  11. We try to take staycations as well. It’s a great way to explore the area that surrounds you!

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