Weekend Chaos ~ Gangnam Style


A lazy Saturday in the house of Chaos means laundry, cleaning and nail painting and Gangnam Style?

Yet, there’s also music and dancing in the mix, it just makes those chores go down a little easier.
Like a spoonful of sugar. Kinda.

Here the twins demonstrate their Gangnam Style. I was doing well with keeping the giggles at bay until the very end.

Sorry for the snorts, but their finale is just too hilarious!



  1. Apparently I live under a rock, because I haven’t heard Gangnam Style before! I had to google it after! It was too funny! And you gotta have fund while doing chores – go girls!

    1. The video is hilarious and it’s a song that is easily stuck in the head. Makes you wanna dance!!! 😉

    1. I’m glad I had the video camera handy, they really put on quite the show!

  2. Thanks so much for giving me the giggles today..loved your girls doing the Gangnam, so cute!!

    1. Ha, that’s the thing, I think maybe they’ve seen it 3 times before this…?
      They must have watched very attentively to catch on so quick!

    1. They sure do, it’ll be fun one day to show them just how great little dancers they were!

  3. Soo incredibly cute! If you want to know what is happening out there in the world, just ask a non-adult, right? I could have asked my hubby what Gangnam Style was and he would have thought I had a speech impediment!

  4. You are such a FUN Mum!! The girls, as always are simply adorable. I didn’t have a video camera when Sara was little and I wish I did. Sometimes she would get so excited, you wouldn’t know if she was going to laugh or cry.

  5. I didn’t like the song at first and initially thought the video was weird 1/2 way through, but it actually grows on you and Psy has a great singing voice..it’s my and my kids’ silly song too

  6. OMG, that was so cute! I have to confess, that is the first time I’ve heard the song. Seriously. I’ve read all about Gangnam Style, but never was curious enough to click a link and check it out. Your girls are adorable!

  7. Ah thats tooo cute, my boys love this song as well, I turn it on they dance away Gangnam style lol!

  8. That was adorably hilarious! My six year old daughter actually learned the Gangham Style dance in gym class last week and when she demonstrated it at dinner, I nearly choked on my food. So funny!

  9. They are so cute, good little dancers and it has a catchy beat although i’m not really sure what the song means LOL

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