We Did the 5K Foam Fest Funcore Run – and Loved it!

Me, participate in anything that involves the words ‘5k’ and ‘run’? Bwaaaaaa! That’s hilarious.

We Did the 5K Foam Fest Funcore Run – and Loved it!

I first heard about #5KFoamFest years ago, and really wanted to take it in, yet I don’t run. I’m not a ‘sign up for torture’ kind of girl. As much as I admire those that were run gracefully and effortlessly – I find it difficult, awkward, and painful. So, any event with ‘run’ in it, I’ve avoided.

Yet 5K Foam Fest had alluring insanely fun {and messy} obstacles, so I’ve always been tempted. Very tempted.

This past weekend my three girls and I went to 5K Foam Fest in Red Deer, and after registration and a quick peek through the common area which was set up like a festival with music, activities, shops and foods – we headed to the starting line.

We Did the 5K Foam Fest Funcore Run – and Loved it!

With music and energetic staff that pumped us up, the race began with a cannon of confetti and foam. Within those 10 seconds my 8 year old cried, ‘This is the best ever!‘ and within 5 minutes they were asking if we could do it again next year. Right away I had to agree, it was FUN right from the start.

We Did the 5K Foam Fest Funcore Run – and Loved it!


My hesitations about ‘all things running’ vanished and our smiles and laughter didn’t stop.

The Red Deer 5K Foam Fest 2017 course had over 22 obstacles which varied – like crawling through a mud pit under ropes, jumping on bounce structures filled with foam, and maneuvering our way on tires over the lake.

I could describe them all but it’s better to see them, and there’s a video of each 5K Foam Fest obstacle. You NEED to watch!

As a mother who adores her daughters more than anything, taking in this event with them was indeed priceless. We helped each other, cheered each other on, had mud fights, and simply had a ton of fun together. It was truly the best way we could have kicked off Summer 2017.


And know what? I jogged some of the course. Me. I pushed myself at times because the girls were excited to get to the next obstacle, and so was I. So don’t let the implied title fool you, walk, run or jog the course – heck, we danced some of it! Hardcore athletes to families wanting to experience something together will definitely get so much out of 5K Foam Fest.

2017 The 5K Foam Fest Red Deer

Yes, you will get dirty – you’ll have mud in places you never thought you would. Yet, that is a huge part of the appeal, you become a kid again. You get a certain bounce in your step when you start the race running through bubbles and water – every squishy step you take will move you. You’ll dive deep to trench through that mud and look forward to the next course that involves water.

5K Foam Fest tips, information and review


Here are a few 5K Foam Fest tips for the newbie:


  • wear comfortable snug fitting clothes but not ones you’d hate to see get dirty
  • wear comfortable sneakers, and make sure they are tied tight or else you’ll lose a shoe in mud
  • if you can – do the course with a team and organize matching attire. Many did this and it looked amazing
  • take no belongings with you on the course, they might be destroyed
  • there are photographers on the course, and photos are added to the website. Yet at times I very much wished I had a camera to make sure I got some of us. So if you must, go with a waterproof one with a strap.

Now that I’ve done the 5K Foam Fest, I won’t ever miss another tour to our city. My kids continuously thanked me for going, and we all could not stop talking about the fun we had. Sure the next day a few of my muscles were sore, but that was minor compared to cheek strain from smiling so very much.

It’s memories like this that will carry with us through our lifetime, and that’s priceless.

Crossing the finish line with my daughters was an amazing feeling. While we didn’t run 5K – we experienced a lot together, tried new things, pushed our limits, and supported each other. We all had a great deal of fun the entire way.

The 5K Foam Fest tours all over North America and right now is crossing Canada. Check out the 5K Foam Fest Locations – you won’t regret going. We’re already looking forward to the 2018 tour!

5K Foam Fest Red Deer Alberta Review

Disclosure: We were supplied with tickets to attend 5K Foam Fest. All opinions are my own and I hate running.
We loved our experience and appreciate the chance to give it a try.



  1. Looks like it was a fun and exciting experience, especially since your girls liked it so much. I don’t run unless I’m being chased but would consider doing something like this for fun.

  2. It looks like a great time was had by all. Your girls are quite the young ladies,beautiful,too. Thanks for sharing.

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