Wasting time and learning useless information

While Facebook and Twitter are great boredom busters and fill the gap nicely when you are procrastinating from doing something that you truly do not want to do, I occasionally check my statistics trackers and see how people stumble upon my site. Most of the time it’s Twin-related or people looking for information on a certain product – yet sometimes web searches for the oddest things brings people to My Organized Chaos:

hairy hubby
I don’t recall mentioning my hubby’s built-in wool coat on my blog {but did review a men’s shaver once}. Maybe out of possible reader interest, I should go into more detail on hh? let me check with mine on that…though I’m pretty sure he’ll be against it. Sorry searcher.

Krafty eye patches
huh?…is that an art project for kids, made with Kraft dinner noodles? or maybe someone actually requiring an eye patch, yet wants the most frugal one possible. Sorry guys, I don’t make eye patches – yet I’m sure Martha Stewart could whip one up pretty easily


tag you are it
NO, you’re it!!!!


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