Third Annual Walmart Mom of the Year Award!

Almost 10 years ago I started the hugest journey of my life, a job that has endless tasks with literally 3 lives counting on me each and every day – I became a MOM!

Being a Mother is a job that tests all limits from patience to personal strength. Yet, at the same time, it’s also one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life. Yet it really is a thankless job, so many times I’ve felt like there’s no recognition for what I do each day.

Not that I’m in it for the thanks and pats on the back, but it would be nice from time to time, right?


This is why I love the Walmart Mom of the Year Awards. It’s the one sure time each year when Mom’s all across Canada get some much deserved kudos yet amplified for all to hear. It’s like a country wide round of applause for Mom’s!

Get ready Canada, cause it’s that time of year to really celebrate the Moms in our lives! 

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 6.55.49 AMWalmart Canada has launched their third annual Mom of the Year Award to help celebrate and recognize the huge contribution moms make as role models and integral members of the family and community.

This award will become an annual program to celebrate all that Mom does and shine a light on what is important to her. 

Do you know a Mom that deserves recognition for what they do or who they are? I bet you do!

Nominations for the Third Annual Walmart Mom of the Year Award will be accepted now through May 23, 2014 , and can be submitted here.

Nominations can come from daughters, sons, family members, friends, colleagues or community members. New this the first year that you must choose a category when nominating, to be considered:

  1. Environmental Superstar
  2. Community Champion
  3. Smart Saver
  4. Loving Caregiver
  5. Everyday Hero

This year, every Mom of the Year nominee gets a profile page that can be shared with her friends and family. Her loved ones can add their own heart-warming comments, making it more like a tribute page where she can see how loved and appreciated she really is.

Also new this year, there’s 6 Mom of the Year winners!

For each of our 5 Categories, one mom will be selected by our committee and Canadians can vote to select the 6th winner. Each Mom of the Year winner will receive $10,000 to spend on themselves and $10,000 for the charity or cause of their choice

I’m sure we can all think of a certain inspiring person – head on over to Mom of the Year and nominate, there’s still time. Let’s all be apart of this massive {and awesome} celebration of Moms across Canada!

Tell me about that remarkable Mom that you know!



  1. I love that Walmart is doing this… Moms are so important and it is great that they recognize it. Also love that there will be six winners; very cool

  2. What a great award idea, and a perfect time of year to celebrate these wonderful mothers!

  3. I love that Walmart is showing such support for moms! I have an amazing mom who could use a lot of recognition. I think all mom’s deserve to be honored in such a cool way!

  4. I love Walmart for their family values. I appreciate them supporting and recognizing moms as well. I know that I will not be receiving this award because I have teens and they think I stink LOL – I could try again when they are older and more appreciative 🙂

  5. What a great program! I have to say that mom is remarkable. She’s always made us kids #1.

  6. What an amazing program! My mom is pretty freakin amazing =) She’s been letting myself, our two kids and my boyfriend stay at her place until our house finally closes and we can move in!

  7. I think almost all moms are remarkable! We dedicate our lives, and bodies to our children.

  8. Aww this is so wonderful! I know plenty of moms that deserve an award like this. One of them is a good friend who has a set of triplets PLUS 3 more.. and 1 more on the way. She is amazing and I have no idea how she does it all!

  9. What a great program. Glad to see that Walmart is giving us moms some much deserved recognition. I know a few moms who are worthy of this award.

  10. Hey, how come the US doesn’t do that? What a nice thing for Walmart to sponsor. I know that being a mom has its own rewards, but it is nice to get extra recognition from time to time.

  11. I love the part of the prize that they have to spend it on themselves, that is because they know most moms wont. Great that they do this.

  12. My grandma spent years taking care of my great grandma when she was already in her 60s. I wish she could know how much she was appreciated for taking such good care of a 90 year old woman!

  13. what a great campaign idea! although really, most moms i know deserve an award. we all do so much and the b est we can always!

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