Velas Vallarta Mexico – Family Travel Review

When thinking of our time spent at Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, this phrase comes to mind:

Happy Kids, Happy Vacation

It’s true, we as a family had the best time, kids and adults included. This all-inclusive resort just a short drive from both the airport and Puerto Vallarta, really does cater to all. After leaving Velas Vallarta, my husband and I agree in our thinking that, “that was one absolute good time“. It’s statements like this that make or break a vacation, leaving knowing that the time spent as a family – was incredible. 

velas vallarta puerto vallarta all inclusive family travel review

Of course, a big chunk of this vacation-bliss was due to the fact that we stayed in a magnificent Three Bedroom Family Deluxe Suite. As a family of five, travelling to all-inclusive resorts is sometimes tricky, due to the many of us and the 4-fits all mentality when it comes to accommodations. 

velas vallarta three bedroom suite review

It’s been said many times that room size doesn’t matter as you are hardly in there yet that’s not entirely true. When on vacation, you need to be comfortable whether that’s taking your shower, relaxing in the evening, getting everyone ready in the morning or simply sleeping. Part of a great vacation is being comfortable and not feeling stressed.

velas vallarta accomodation family travel three bedroom

Thanks to our spacious 3-bedroom/2 bathroom suite with kitchen and living room, we all had our space. This meant no fighting between kids, one person could sleep in if they so wished, and not one trip over luggage. The accommodations make for a perfect all-inclusive resort for a large family.

velas vallarta large family suite accomodation review

If I had my choice, I’d stay in a suite like this each and every time we travelled together as a family. Yes, it contributed that much!

Also, just look at our balcony and view!

velas vallarta puerto vallarta family travel review

How nice it was to wake in the morning, get my coffee {and not wake anyone else because we all had our own rooms}, and simply enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this!

velas vallarta suite review accomodations family vacation mexico

When on vacation in Mexico, I like to know I’m in Mexico – which is why I fell head over heels with the lush gardens and surroundings at Velas Vallarta. From the flowers to the well-maintained lawns – walking the paths through the resort put a smile on my face.

The girls, skipping the sidewalk in sundresses, stopping to smell flowers … this my friends, is what vacation is about. Every moment is a reminder of where you are and how much you love it here. 

velas vallarta garden property review

The pools at Velas Vallarta consist of a large round ‘quiet pool’, which is kid-friendly but more of a relazed feel with a waterfall and serene surroundings. Then, a slide takes you into a lazy river that twists and turns toward the main pool which is closest to the shore of Banderas Bay.

velas vallarta pools lazy river family travel review

This main pool is where the action is, with a swim up bar, and daily activities. This is where we spent the majority of our time, everyone in my family had everything they needed right here. Plus, we met some other families as well.

velas vallarta mexico family travel

I will always remember Velas Vallarta and their resident guests, peacocks that roam the resort and chatter to each other all day. And, Gilbert {the name my daughters gave him}.

velas vallarta iguana family travel review

Gilbert is the largest iguana at Velas Vallarta, so friendly and most often found sun bathing pool side. Tips to gusts, please don’t give the iguanas scraps of food or they’ll learn to beg. Instead, they love flowers, especially hibiscus. 

iguana velas vallarta resort canadian family travel blogger

Many times a day my girls were found giving Gilbert a belly rub, and he’d literally raise his head to the blue skies and smile. It’s and aspect of Velas Vallarta that my girls will rtalk about always I’m sure. They truly loved spending their vacation with them all. 

Of course, you cannot talk about a resort without mentioning the food – a big part of the allure in an all-inclusive resort. At Velas Vallarta, the choices are ample, and their 24 hour room service is truly amazing.

velas vallarta room service food review mexico travel

This was our favourite choice for breakfast, yet when we wanted to dine out of room, we loved the breakfast buffet at Andrea’s as well. The food is so fresh!

velas vallarta andreas restaurant food travel puerto vallarta resort

Oceanfront is La Ribera Restaurant, which offers spectacular relaxed oceanfront views. The trio of tacos is what I loved most here,  as well as the great service. The waiters are welcoming and pleasant, one meal and they remembered us by name for the duration of our stay.

velas vallarta dining food review

velas vallarta dining food options travel mexico

It’s here where you’ll find the ice cream bar – of which we were regulars. The girls would grab a cupful when poolside, taking turns in trying out all the flavours. My favourite is the vanilla, but that shouldn’t be a surprise – you know my preference for Mexican vanilla in all.the.things. 

family travel puerto vallarta mexico velas vallarta

When staying at Velas Vallarta, take in the weekly Mexican Fiesta, a party with live entertainment and delicious food. This is where I had a Tortilla Soup that pretty much changed my life. Since returning to Canada, I’ve craved their soup often. 

travel puerto vallarta mexico family travel blogger review

Indeed happy kids make a happy vacation, but to have everyone in the family enjoy a resort so much – makes for not only a happy trip, but an epic one. We loved our time at Velas Vallarta and while we try to not visit a resort twice, yet rather take in new experiences each time we travel; I can’t help but lean toward a repeat stay in the future. 




  1. Okay, a poolside iguana, that’s one pretty awesome resort! I’ve never vacationed in Mexico, but your Velas Vallarta trip looks like paradise. And can we talk about that food- yum!

  2. It looks absolutely stunning there and so much fun. I love the view you had and would love to see them in person some day!

  3. Wow this is unreal. I’d be so happy to have a vacation in Mexico while staying at Velas Vallarta.

  4. This looks soo nice and refreshing! That’s soo fun they got to play with the iguanas!

  5. The views look amazing! I can see why you love it so much! The luscious landscaping and breathtaking views of the ocean. Gilbert is so cute!! How cool that he just roams around.. ha ha!

  6. What a gorgeous location! I haven’t been to Mexico and would love to go here. The rooms look great. I agree that kids need their space on vacation. I have 3 and giving them all their own beds would be divine!

  7. What a beautiful vacation. I don’t know that I would be so calm around the iguanas though. Hehe.

  8. This sounds like it was an amazing trip. I have always wanted to go to Mexico. It looks so beautiful here.

  9. This looks like such a gorgeous place to stay. I have always wanted to vacation in Mexico, just have not made it there, yet.

  10. What a great post and a gorgeous resort!!!. Would love to stay there sometime in the future. love the pics; especially the one of Isabelle by the palm tree

  11. Oh wow that is gorgeous. I have the same problem. We have more than 4 people in the family and it can be tough.

  12. Beautiful spot. So many great deals throughout Mexico. I’ve never been to PV but have many friends who travel to PV regularly and love it.

    Great pics Tammi.

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