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This time of year bring many transitions all at once. Not only is it back to school time, yet our schedules shift with the addition of activities and routine. As well, it’s a change of season for most Canadians, the air sure does suddenly feel like Autumn now.

This means items must be transitioned as well. Rotate the sunscreen and bug-spray bins for containers of hats and mitts. The light summer jackets aren’t cutting it first thing in the morning, so out come the thicker ones. I’ve even rotated the girls clothing, putting the summer ones higher up and the long sleeved shirts and sweaters are now at their eye level. My BBQ is feeling left out already, as I’ve already used my comforting slow cooker three times this week. 

With all these changes, shifts and transitions – now is a good time to gather up those items to donate. The outgrown, not used and replaced items that time up space in our homes and lives. Sometimes it’s hard to let go to items you want, yet knowing that another has a need for said item, makes my decisions easier. It’s incredible how much ‘stuff’ we collect on a daily basis.

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For instance, I went through the girls closets just last weekend filled two large garbage bags full of outgrown items. I was shocked since I had just done this at the beginning of summer, yet it’s evidence that this task should be done with each change in season. Kids grow too fast! 

My plan now that the kids are back at school is to go through one room per day, and really evaluate the items taking up space. Clutter makes for an uncomfortable environment, and I want to go into the next season surrounded by comfort. 

For many, donating ‘stuff’ at this time of year is preferred over monetary donation, and I totally get it. This is an expensive time of year! At the same time, we all know there are charities out there that could greatly use the money no matter which chaotic month it is. 

Calgarians will be pleased to hear the news that their usual item donations, are now going to a greater cause with a great partnership. 

Value Village has teamed up with Calgary’s local Canadian Diabetes Association, Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta, and The Kidney Foundation of Canada – to make a support link for the greater good. 

Through partnerships with Value Village, there are now 10 Donation Drop Spots in the greater Calgary area, where every donation gives gently used goods a second life AND also supports the each nonprofit partners’ programs.

value village partners with calgary charities

Meaning that when a donation is made at each designated Donation Drop Spot, Value Village will pay their partner charity, whether the items make it to the sales floor or not.

Value Village helps create a better world through reuse by inspiring local communities to donate reusable items to local nonprofits instead of throwing them in the trash. Through its commitment to sustainability, Savers has become one of the largest recyclers of used goods in the world, keeping more than 650 million pounds of reusable items from landfills each year.

value village calgary partners with alberta charities

I love this partnership as it’s two-fold, and each donation helps way more than before. The locations for Calgarians to donate their used goods are in convenient places, so that donating is simple. We go to Calgary often, and I plan on loading the car with some donations the next time we go, since we’ll be passing right by at least a couple of their Drop Spots on our travels. 

It’s a great way to give back to your community and a national charity at the same time! For your reference, the chart below lusts the designation Donation Drop Spots at Value Village stores in Calgary along with their hours of operation.

What items do you have to donate this time of year?


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  1. I have several coats to donate this year. I try to buy my new seasonal items on sale in the off season, and then donate the old in the season when they’re needed.

  2. I plan on giving a lot of clothes that the kids of outgrown to value village as it helps those in need thanks to this partnership with local charities!

  3. I just donated a bedroom set yesterday and will be making a food donation to our local food pantry. My family definitely supports our local church and it’s charities.

  4. I so love the idea of thrift shops for charity. We throw too much away that could go to good use.

  5. We have a lot of clothes that need to be donated this season. With three growing kids, I almost always have clothing to donate.

  6. I like to go through my clothes at least once a year and donate to the clothing bank in our town or to Value Village.I like to support any thrift shops for charity!

  7. I was just in your area a few days ago. We even had snow fall on us up in the mountains! I like to go through the kids clothes and donate everything they’re outgrowing. It’s also a good time to check linens, and donate comforters and blankets you no longer use or need.

  8. We have a laundry bin set aside for “donation” clothes and probably drop off every couple months…it’s great for everyone involved!

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