Valentine’s for Dogs – Say I LOVE YOU with treats!

Valentine’s Day has gone to the dogs…literally! As you know, we just got a puppy last week and our whole world has been bursting with love. I had debated for years and held strong to my ‘no’ stance each time hubby and my kids begged for a dog. Yet, one look at this adorable face – and I totally caved …

cavalier king charles myorganizedchaos

In just a short week, Charlie has become a member of the family. Not a possession but a friend and a welcome addition to our family.

When shopping this week for treats and toys for Charlie, we stumbled on the Valentine’s Day themed chew toys and stuffies. CUTE! I couldn’t help but get Charlie a special Valentines stuffie, after all, we love him so much and that’s what this February holiday is all about – showing love to those you care about. This includes your little furry family members. 

From coast to coast, which US state loves dogs the most? A special Valentine’s Day survey of U.S. dog parents showed the following, check it out!



Make February 13th Valentine’s Day for Dogs!

This year, let’s celebrate our wonderful animal companions by making February 13th Valentine’s Day For Dogs {#valentinesfordogs}. On this special day, let’s give our pups the attention they deserve. you could take them out for a special walk at their favourite dog park, buy them a fluffy and comfy new pet bed, or give them some of their favourite treats. Our King Charlie loves Pup-Peroni!

The good folks at Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Milo’s Kitchen, and Canine Carry Outs have made it easy for you this year with a doggie Valentine’s Day cards. They are adorable and my kids were really excited to print these out and make some for Charlie’s new friends. Yet, don’t tell Charlie that we reserved a few for him too, the girls are keeping them a secret in their rooms! I love that my girls are thinking of Charlie this Valentine’s Day – sharing is caring! 

With all of the doggie Valentine’s Day Cards you can attach a treat to them, and it’s just a fun way to make Valentines extra special.



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  2. Is that your dog! He is so beautiful! What bread is he…I’m looking to get a dog and I have been reading about different breed. From witch breeder did you get him? Could you email me the detail. We are from the same city. The dog on my profile is my grand-baby dog. I half raise him and he comes for visits sometime for the whole week end.

  3. I like the I Dig You card, but they are all cute! This would be cute to take to the dog park!

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