Sun Protection for Kids by UV Skinz

UV Skinz provides Sun Protection for Kids. It’s a company that I will forever remember. Rhonda created the products and the company, after losing her 32-year old husband to skin cancer. Read more about Darren’s Story. Rhonda made it her life’s mission to raise awareness in anyway she could. And, the best way is prevention. UV Skinz is entirely devoted to providing protective swimshirts and pants for everyone, babies to grown men.

Did you know that 80% of your lifetimes sun exposure will occur before the age of 18? Seeing my daughter play outdoors all the time, I am not surprised by this fact. Though it does illustrate how crucial is it, that kids are protected from harmful UV rays. The UV Skinz products carry a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. We can only lotion so much, and it’s very easy to miss parts of the skin. As well, if clothing shifts and exposes delicate skin, damaging burns can result. I also think of the light and thin fabric of some of Isabelle’s sun dresses. How much harmful exposure does she actually get, without me even knowing.

When I had the choice of a product from UV Skinz, I wasn’t sure on one for Hubby, me or for the kids. They have so many great styles and colors for everyone, and any size you can imagine too! I soon decided that Isabelle was the one outdoors the most, so UV Skinz would be the ideal product for her. Plus, getting just one bad blistering burn in childhood – doubles the risk factor for melanoma later in life!!
The options for kids’ UV Skinz are outstanding, long sleeved or short and so many colors! We decided on the Cassidy – Brown/Teal Aloha, with the matching Brown ‘Boy Cut’ Shorts. The top is a stylish brown and blue design. Both fit exceptionally well for her, she can run and play with ease in it. Whether the UV Skins is wet or dry, Isabelle is very comfortable in it. Also important to note is that she doesn’t complain about being hot wearing it.

Not only for decent protection, I see UV Skinz beneficial to those with extreme sensitivities to sunlight (from medical conditions or medications) and those with allergies to sunscreens.
UV Skinz is an important and simple step you can take to prevent sunburns, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Rightfully so, this product is an award winner!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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