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I’ve said many times before, you can get a lot of suggestions for Christmas gifts by looking at ones interests. Oftentimes we think of the big ticket items and tend to forget the smaller accessories that go along with them. This is especially true when you know that the person is getting the latest tech item ot gaming device – perhaps the more cost effective route to then go – is the smaller additions to really complete their wish-list.

ur beats by dr dre review

urBeats by Dr Dre are an in-ear headphone that have amazing sound. They are tops when it comes to quality, durability and overall great sound. I really didn’t put much thought into why these are so sought after, until I was able to review a pair. You guys, the difference is phenomenal!

In actuality, I didn’t recognize a problem with my ordinary ones until I tried using them on a recent flight. The sound was choppy, I still heard others around me and even at full volume, I had troubles hearing clearly. I looked around and started realizing why people were going back to the huge headphone type that covered the ears, quite possibly most of the head. 

Then, I remembered that I packed my urBeats by Dr Dre and quickly swapped out my usuals, hoping they would be better to use. Guys, I was Blown away! I heard very little outside noise and what i wanted to hear came through crystal clear with no strain in trying to listen. 

urBeats by Dr Dre also has a built-in mic. So, you can switch between incoming calls and music with a quick switch on the cable. This is perfect since a lot of people listen to music on their phones whether taking a walk or riding a bus.

The in-line mic has controls for volume, play/pause, track forward/backward, fast forward/backward, answer/end call and voice dial.

Features of urBeats by Dr Dre:

  • Solid metal housing – precision-machined single-billet metal housing prevents vibrations and unwelcome sound from tainting your listening experience
  • Grid-iron tough – whether you keep urBeats pristine or throw them in and out of your bag, you don’t have to worry about them breaking or fraying anytime soon
  • Built-in mic for calls – switch easily between songs and incoming calls. No need to take off your headphones or talk into the phone like a walkie-talkie

We’ve been checking these out over the weekend and the sound quality vs “normal” ear buds is extremely noticeable! Honestly, once you hear your tunes through a Dr Dre product you’ll never be able to go back. 

“With Beats people are going to hear what the artists hear and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do”  –  Dr Dre

These Dr Dre buds come with different size eartips so that you can get the right fit for your ear, for comfort and also to ensure that outside noise is kept to a minimum. 


Dr Dre sure know his music, and obviously the right way to listen to it on the go. At $99.99 this is one accessory that makes a lasting impact for that hard to shop for person that {almost} has it all. I’ve listened to the difference, and I’ll never go back to the ‘usuals’, the difference is just that astounding!

Get urBeats by Dr Dre at retailers like, where you can get free shipping when you shop online, and delivered to your door in about 2 days!



Actually, has been my little gem this holiday season. I crossed a lot of items off my list this year – and saved! My tweet is a teaser though, I can’t say what item I purchased since I much prefer surprising people with gifts at Christmas and don’t want to them to find out here.

Yet, I urge you to look around the Staples website, I bet there are gems waiting for you!



Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.






    1. Mine too, my ears hurt for days after wearing them – good point! Love that these are so comfy!

  1. My students talk about these and I expected them to be just name-brand earbuds. Knowing that they have a much better sound quality makes me want to take a second look at grabbing some for my kids for Christmas!

    1. Honestly, I thought the same. Yet, they have fantastic sound, I’m so impressed by the quality!

  2. I didn’t realize they made ear buds! I’ve seen the commercials for the over ear type but I don’t care for that style – I might have to look into these earbuds though!

    1. YES! My cheapo ones always fell out when on the treadmill, these would stay in better, for sure. That’s another perk!

  3. These sound wonderful. I love that they come with different size eartips. My daughter would love these. They would make a wonderful present any time of the year.

  4. I’ve read quite a few reviews on these. Their on my teenager’s list lol. thank you so much for sharing!

  5. My brother gave me a pair of earbuds about a week ago and I want to give these to him (If I win!) as a late Christmas gift (I’m 12 1/2) (He’s 34). If I win these I think he’ll be REALLY happy.

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