Transition from Baby Room to a Toddler Room

Are you looking to Transition from Baby Room to a Toddler Room? Decorating baby and toddler rooms can be daunting – there are so many choices in themes, colors and looks. Each time I set out to decorate my childrens’ rooms, I started with the bedding. I found a set that I loved and picked the colors of the paints and accessories to compliment the bedding. With choices in bedding sets alone are limitless, no matter if you are wanting a bold, neutral or classic look. If you are starting with a baby’s room, you may want to look for choices that you will still like when the baby is a toddler. If you do that, you will not have to start over from scratch when you decide it’s time to update the room for the older child. I did that will my oldest daughters’ room, yet found that the Twins had a mish-mash of items purchased, gifted or passed down.

Also important considerations when decorating a childs’ room:

  • Price ~ just like options, prices of decor are also limitless. So consider your budget when making choices, yet know that even unique baby bedding can still be within budget, it’s all in the hunt to find it!
  • Comfort ~ the overall ‘feel’ of the room might dictate how your child sleeps through the night. It also gives a sense of security.
  • Space ~ choose items that will grow with the child, and consider leaving room to make additions in the room, if needed.
  • Materials ~ are the items made from safe materials? Practicality is a mention here too, if you choose to change colors in the future, will the materials still compliment?

So, here I am trying to update the Twins’ room, and am glad that my main pieces of furniture will match any color I choose. That leaves me with only the accessories. The twins are still using their crib bedding and other blankets, so I am on the hunt for toddler bedding sets, curtains and pieces to update the room from ‘baby’ to ‘toddler’. It’s not that their pink and brown baby bedding isn’t ‘toddler’ approved in design though, they have literally outgrown their baby comforters. While browsing for new sets, I am also considering a change in the placement of their furniture as well. Yet, as I move their furniture and try to make room for a new bookshelf in their room, I need to keep safety in mind as well. I have to ensure lamps and cords are out of sight and reach from little toddler hands. Also important to note – placement of electrical sockets is determining our furniture placement for us right now. There may be only one place I can put that dresser so that the lamp cords are away from the twins. That may limit the choices I have for sizes of bookcases.

Lots to consider, isn’t it? Meh, shopping for the bedding is much more fun! What do you think about this adorable set I found at Baby Bedding Zone?

A bedroom with a stuffed animal

With matching curtains? {can you tell I still love the pink & brown color combination?}

A shower curtain



  1. I like the pink and brown color combination. I think that set is something to go with. Have fun transforming and I can’t wait to see the finished results.

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