UNO & Cody Simpson VIP Experience #giveaway

If you mention the name ‘Cody Simpson‘ to any tween and you’re sure to be hit with squeals, chatter and a lot of excitement.

That’s my oldest daughters reaction too. 

She is such a Cody Simpson fan-girl, and when Isabelle and her friends get together – watch out. Listening in on the conversations that include ‘so cute‘ and ‘love his songs‘ makes me chuckle.

Yet, haven’t we all been there? 

I used to gaze at my own teen magazine rip-outs hanging on my bedroom walls as a kid, and wish I could have the chance to see that person live. Back then and in this part of Canada, it was only a dream and not really a possibility.

As a Mom, I love the taking on opportunities to make my daughter smile until her cheeks hurt and give her those memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

You know, things like:

  • Impromptu ice cream stops
  • manicure afternoon at home, just for her
  • Going to her favourite clothing store
  • Meeting Cody Simpson.


Cody Simpson is currently on his Canadian Big Ticket Summer tour – thrilling audiences with his cunning smile, coiffed locks, heartthrob voice and choreographed dances moves. 

Cody Simpson sitting on a sidewalk

The 17-year-old singer songwriter is no stranger to performing. Opening up for Big Time Rush in 2012 and Justin Bieber in 2013, and headlining his own tours Cody will perform his hits off of his latest album Surfer’s Paradise. Cody Simpson will be sure to add some dancing to his performance and maybe he will even show off some of the new moves he learned when he was a contestant on this season of DANCING WITH THE STARS. Joining Cody on tour is Sabrina Carpenter who plays Maya on the highly anticipated Disney show GIRL MEETS WORLD, which premieres on Family Channel August 1st.

For his tour, Cody has partnered with the ever-popular and much-loved UNO.

Why UNO?

cody simpson sitting on a couch

The partnership with Cody is a fantastic platform to bring people together through Uno and capture the essence of the game – it’s about fun and making memories. Cody also has a strong global presence and appeals to fans of all ages around the world, just like Uno.

This makes absolutely perfect sense to me, since our UNO deck comes with us everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

At home, out camping and on ALL our travels – UNO is the one game that all of us can play, despite the differing ages in our family. It’s fun, compact and the game is even the first one that all of my kids learned to play.

Our UNO is actually stored in a carved box that we got in the Dominican Republic over 12 years ago. You see, when our UNO came with us on vacation, the box got damaged. So we bought this keepsake box just for our UNO. Fast forward to now – our UNO would have a quite the passport full of stamps.

uno on a table

UNO is indeed the perfect travelling partner – I can vouch that you literally can play Uno anytime, anywhere.

This is why Cody Simpson is playing UNO with his fans, for the entire length of his tour.

On August 25th my daughter, her friend, and myself are taking in the Cody Simpson concert in Edmonton, Alberta. We’ll have the VIP experience with Cody and UNO – and not only meet this celeb, but get to play UNO with him! You can follow along with the #UNOanytime hashtag!

The only question these girls have is ‘What do we wear?!?

Cody is in for #UNOAnytime and wants to play with you!

Text and Font

WIN IT: Love playing UNO? We’re giving away exclusive passes to play UNO with Cody Simpson and attend his concert!

2 Lucky fans will each win 2 VIP concert tickets to his show on Monday, August 25 at the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton AND play UNO with Cody in his dressing room.

{Winners will be responsible for their own travel to and from the venue}

TO ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!


Disclosure: We are apart of the Cody Simpson VIP Experience and receive special perks with our affiliation.
Opinions are, as always, 100% my own.




  1. I would like to win because my son really likes Cody Simpson and we are great at UNO. What an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this would be!

  2. This would be an amazing opportunity, and UNO happens to be one of my favourite games to play.

  3. My daughters are the UNO queens!!! What an amazing opportunity!!! What fun!!! They love Cody, they love UNO .. I would be the best mom in the whole world to suprise them with this dream!

  4. That is so awesome. Never heard of Cody. Seems like I have some studying to do before I’m ready for the teenage years 😉 I do however love UNO. We have a Harry Potter Uno set as well, and it seems to be more popular than the original.

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  6. How exciting for your daughter, my niece would go crazy!! Don’t know if I would win been a long time!

  7. I would love to win ! I have not played Uno in a very long time (I do not have the cards ) But I would love to play. Could I win against Cody? Probably not lol. But it might be fun trying hahha.

  8. My daughter loves Cody and loves UNO, can only imagine the surprise of of her pretty brown eyes if she were able to not only go to the concert but meet and play UNO with Cody

  9. Hi, I would really love to meet cody and get to be at the concert. Unfortunately i missed him the last time he came to Edmonton, and I am a reallly huge fan of his music. I would really appreciate it if i won! This is a really nice thing you are doing for funs, and i thank you for that.

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